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Fostering nature for wellness generation

By Hoang Khang

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For Siberian Wellness, whose healthcare and dental products, cosmetics, and products for children have been widely distributed in Vietnam, achievements are not limited to the awards it has won or recognition for its nature-based products. The company has managed to return to nature what it has gained therein by conducting tree planting programs worldwide, with Vietnam being picked as a focal destination for its community projects.

In the second straight year of launching its “Eco-project – Give 100 hectares to your planet” in Vietnam, Siberian Wellness has continued its forest-planting program, not only to enrich the ecosystem but also to raise awareness among the community on the urgent need to protect the environment.

In early June this year, Siberian Wellness singled out the Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve as the destination for its Eco Project, as the nature conservation park spanning 72,000 hectares is part of the World Biosphere Reserve in the southern province of Dong Nai that generates water sources for tens of millions of people in HCMC and neighboring southern provinces.

The Russia-headquartered company’s Eco Project 2023 drew the participation of numerous young people referred to by the company as Wellness Generation, or Gen Well, who actively took part in tree planting activities.

Over 500 trees of species endemic to the locality were planted in the Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve. Siberian Wellness and the management of the Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve will join forces to continue monitoring and taking cares of the young trees for four years to ensure that the trees could grow well with a survival rate of 70% to 85%, according to Mariia Artiukova, general director of Siberian Wellness.

The CEO noted that since its inception 27 years ago, Siberian Wellness has always sought to make active contributions to nature conservation and the community. “We wish to spread the message of environmental protection on a large scale, especially targeting the young generation and students who play a crucial role in creating changes in each nation.”

That aim was further consolidated at this tree-planting program given the active participation of students from Vinh Cuu Junior High School in Dong Nai, as their involvement created strong aspiration for the young generation while at school, according to the company’s leader.

On the occasion, Siberian Wellness also donated books to the school’s library, and 30 bicycles to outstanding students there.

According to the company, the forest is not just an ecosystem, but also a vital habitat for a wide range of animals and plants. Thicker forests help protect soil to prevent erosion and the risk of floods and landslides, and improve air purification by absorbing carbon dioxide and cooling the planet.

Earlier, on March 14, 2023, Siberian Wellness conducted another community program with a similar aim: enriching knowledge for students and protecting the environment.

On the day, Siberian Wellness collaborated with Soha to launch the “A book, a tree” program, donating 600 books to students at Xuan Hiep Junior High School in Bac Giang Province’s Hiep Hoa District. The books cover extra-curriculum topics like living skills, who’s who, poster children, healthcare, and gender education among others.

For every book donated, Siberian Wellness will team up with other stakeholders to plant a new tree, with the first site for tree planting being the campus of the school, according to the company’s general director Mariia Artiukova.

Siberian Wellness has been present in Vietnam for 10 years and have gained widespread recognition. For example, on September 15, the company was conferred golden prizes for all six products submitted for evaluation on public wellness by the Vietnam Association of Functional Food and many other prestigious awards.

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