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Four of five undersea cable systems linked with Vietnam disrupted

By T. Huy

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HCMC – The recent disruption of the IA submarine cable system connected with Vietnam, together with the other three broken undersea cable networks, which have not yet been fixed, has affected internet traffic in Vietnam in recent days.

The disruption of the IA undersea cable since January 30 has seriously slowed the internet connections of Vietnam with international networks.

Vietnam is now connected with seven undersea cables: SMW3, AAG, IA, APG, AAE-1, SJC2 and ADC. Of which, SJC2 and ADC have yet to be put into operation. Meanwhile, APG (Asia Pacific Gateway), AAG (Asia America Gateway) and AAE-1 (Asia – Africa – Europe 1) have broken down since the end of 2022, but they have not been fixed yet.

According to the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC), the Intra Asia (IA) undersea cable was determined as broken 130 kilometers away from Singapore’s cable landing station, losing all international connection capacity from Vietnam to Singapore via this cable route.

According to a representative of VNPT, due to the simultaneous disruptions of four undersea cables, internet users have had difficulty using international services, especially during peak hours and services that require high-speed broadband, such as online games and movies.

The Vietnam Telecommunications Authority requested the internet service providers to work with international submarine cable operators to fix problems as soon as possible.

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