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France promotes gastronomy among Vietnamese students

By The Ky - Kim Ngan

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HCMC – The Consulate General of France and the French Institute in HCMC on April 9 co-held a French gastronomy promotion event with the winning students of the Goût de France/Good France 2024 competition taking part.

Students from Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted in HCMC prepared three French-style dishes (appetizer, main course and dessert) under the supervision of three chefs: Adrien Guenzi, Thao Na, and Sakal Phoeung. The dishes included smoked salmon rolled with grapefruit and red beets, cereal-stuffed chicken, and dessert cake.

Chef Thao Na (2nd, L) guides students through the process of preparing ingredients for their dishes
Chef Sakal Phoeung (2nd, L) shares his skills and expertise with the students
Students taste the ingredients that they have prepared

After finishing the culinary preparations, the students were given advice on French-style table setting and etiquette by experts and Emmanuelle Pavillon-Grosser, consul general of France in HCMC, who personally demonstrated these rules.

Pavillon-Grosser stated, “Goût de France was founded nine years ago in France, initially focusing on French restaurants abroad. This year, we chose to focus on the younger generation, given the popularity of French cuisine among the Vietnamese population in HCMC. It is a great opportunity to introduce French gastronomy to them alongside the French language.”

Students receive instructions on arranging a French dining table and properly using French wine

Chef Thao Na, who has 12 years of experience in French cuisine, discussed the program’s student involvement: “Through this program, I hope to emphasize the importance of cooking skills for students. If they decide to study abroad in the future, knowing how to cook will help them find part-time work and avoid relying solely on instant noodles. It also helps them understand their preferences and choose a better career path.

Chef Adrien Guenzi (L) and his team pose for a group photo
Chef Thao Na and her team pose for a photo with their dishes
Chef Sakal Phoeung discusses with his team their culinary creations
Smoked salmon rolled with grapefruit and red beets
Cereal-stuffed chicken
Entremet “chatoyant”

Truong Tran Gia Huy, a 12th-grade student specializing in French at Le Hong Phong High School in HCMC, expressed his excitement: “I studied French culinary culture in the 11th grade but had never had the opportunity to participate. This program provides an excellent opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of French culinary culture.”

Last March, the Consulate General of France and the French Institute in HCMC launched the Good France 2024 culinary competition at three bilingual French-Vietnamese high schools across Vietnam. To participate, students had to create a three-course French-style menu.

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