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G7 Gold – Trung Nguyen Legend’s revolutionary innovation on global stage

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Trung Nguyen Legend has officially unveiled its latest product line, G7 Gold, following its presence in the documentary film “The Tao of Coffee” produced by Warner Bros. Discovery and broadcast globally in November. This marks the introduction of the first-ever instant coffee generation with flavors representing the three global coffee civilizations. It also highlights Trung Nguyen Legend’s ongoing efforts to conquer the global market.

The launching event took place at the Vietnam National Museum of History in Hanoi, with the participation of over 300 distributors, both local and international partners, alongside cherished companions who have been steadfast allies in Trung Nguyen Legend’s global conquest journey. It coincided with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the G7’s establishment with the mission of “building a global Vietnamese brand” (11/2003 – 11/2023).

An experience that embodies the essence of three coffee civilizations

At the Vietnam National Museum of History, Trung Nguyen Legend has created a distinctive space full of historical and cultural values to showcase the essence of three world-class coffee civilizations: Ottoman – Roman – Thien.

On the coffee journey from its homeland, Ethiopia, to the world, ports and trade activities have played a vital role in disseminating coffee and its culture worldwide, leading to the development of notable coffee civilizations. For Trung Nguyen Legend to achieve its mission of “building a global Vietnamese brand”, trading spaces with the participation of partners, distributors, and consumers have contributed to spreading the flavor and cultural richness of Vietnamese coffee to households in over 100 countries and territories during the past two decades.

With special settings at the museum, Trung Nguyen Legend vividly portrayed the unique characteristics of the three renowned coffee civilizations Ottoman – Roman – Thien. Those settings depicted well-known markets around the world, such as the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Ottoman, the Christmas market in Strasbourg in the heart of Europe, and the traditional Vietnamese market brimming with cultural richness.

Miss Vietnam Do Ha, Second Runner-up of Miss Vietnam Ngoc Hang, and First Runner-up of Miss Vietnam Tu Anh are in awe of G7 Gold coffee, made from the world’s finest Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee beans

During the G7 Gold’s launching ceremony, numerous attendees eagerly delved into the distinctive aspects of culture, cuisine, clothing, art, and especially the three coffee civilizations. From distinctive tools and utensils to specialty coffee beans, each element contributed to defining the perfect cup of coffee in every civilization. Furthermore, Trung Nguyen Legend presented a range of coffee brewing techniques and diverse styles of coffee consumption at the event. Particularly noteworthy was the company’s offering of unique experiences to attendees with G7 Gold coffee, which is meticulously crafted from the world’s finest Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee and embodies the quintessence of the three coffee civilizations.

G7 Gold – A new generation continues the journey to conquer the global stage

The story of “Trung Nguyen Legend’s iconic product, G7 Coffee,” with the mission of “building a global Vietnamese brand,” is one of the highlights in the documentary film “The Tao of Coffee” produced by Warner Bros. Discovery. The film has been aired in Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, as well as other Asian countries and territories since November 2023 and will continue to be broadcast in China in January 2024.

According to Discovery, “G7 products are now sold in 100 countries. G7 has been ranked as one of the top five coffee brands in China” and supplied “2.5 billion packets of powdered coffee every year.” Throughout over two decades of establishment and development, the brand has contributed to enhancing the position of the Vietnamese coffee industry on the global stage.

With the flavor of the world’s finest coffee Buon Ma Thuot Robusta, advanced Western technologies, and mysterious Eastern brewing secrets, G7 helps “drinkers harness their full creative potential” and put Vietnamese coffee on the world map, according to Discovery

Discovery also acknowledges Trung Nguyen Legend as a pioneer in the “coffee revolution from Vietnam,” emphasizing its dedication not only to promoting coffee export but also to spreading the philosophy of coffee. To realize the goal of transforming Vietnam from a powerhouse into an exporter of culture, Trung Nguyen Legend has conducted comprehensive and in-depth research into the history of coffee, especially its influence on the development and progress of human civilization.

Building upon the rich essence of G7 coffee, G7 Gold, the first-ever instant coffee generation with flavors representing the three global coffee civilizations, is a special creation from Trung Nguyen Legend. It aims to elevate the coffee experience to new heights, with an emphasis on three aspects: coffee culture, coffee art, and coffee philosophy.

First instant coffee products with quintessence of three coffee civilizations

The introduction of G7 Gold products was inspired by the idea of “packaging” the exquisite flavor of the world’s finest coffee beans, Buon Ma Thuot Robusta, and combining the essences of the three coffee civilizations Ottoman – Roman – Thien. G7 Gold products are classified into three groups, G7 Gold Rumi – G7 Gold Picasso Latte – G7 Gold Motherland. These choices encapsulate the authentic flavors of the popular perfect cups of coffee at Trung Nguyen Legend.

With its unique blend of Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee flavor and the essence of three coffee civilizations, G7 Gold instant coffee offers a distinctive experience, catering to modern consumer preferences. It contributes to elevating the value of Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee and promoting the Vietnamese coffee culture globally. In the documentary film “The Tao of Coffee,” an expert on the global history of coffee remarked, “The best thing about instant coffee is that it makes coffee more accessible. It has opened avenues for Robusta coffee to enter a new market, where its value and quality are significantly heightened and appreciated.” This statement solidifies Trung Nguyen Legend’s innovative approach in enhancing the global value of Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee.

Miss Grand International 2022 Isabella Menin explores the G7 Gold product at the Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee World at 07 Nguyen Van Chiem, District 1, HCMC

Additionally, Trung Nguyen Legend has introduced a coffee drinking style in association with the Thien etiquette, inviting consumers to fully enjoy and savor G7 Gold. Customers can opt for G7 Gold as part of the Thien Cafe Khat Vong set, a fusion of the art of enjoyment and coffee meditation methods to recharge energy for Body – Mind – Spirit, which is perfectly tailored for a modern lifestyle.

G7 Gold represents Trung Nguyen Legend’s continuous efforts to propel its G7 brand onto the global stage. With the infusion of the three coffee civilizations’ essence in G7 Gold, Trung Nguyen Legend introduces a new coffee consumption style from Vietnam to the world, leaving a lasting imprint on the global coffee culture. This initiative not only extends the narrative of the Vietnamese brand’s evolution with a profound appreciation for Buon Ma Thuot Robusta coffee beans but also solidifies the position of Vietnamese coffee on the world stage.

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