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Go fishing at Yen Islet

Text & photos by Hoang Le

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Yen Islet is located in Nhon Hoi Village, An Hoa Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province, about 20km northeast of downtown Tuy Hoa City. The locals refer to it as Yen because it used to be home to edible-nest swiftlets (known as Yen in Vietnamese).

Today, the islet is known for its abundance of white anchovies, along with other aquatic products such as squid, crab, snails, and herring.

Since June, visitors to the islet have had the opportunity to witness the captivating scene of fishermen casting nets and catching fish. It is fascinating to see the fishermen diligently working on the water, hauling in thousands of white anchovies, while flocks of birds eagerly await their share of the catch. Visitors can also immerse themselves in the local fishing village’s way of life, from the early morning until late afternoon.

Fishermen go fishing at Yen Islet from the early morning hours
Ships are searching for fishing areas…
…before casting their nets
Heart-shaped cast netting
The picturesque view of cast netting at Yen Islet
After several hours, fishermen begin to collect white anchovies
It requires a combination of human power and machinery
Jellyfish are removed from the nets
Selling white anchovies directly on the water
Birds patiently wait for their chance to catch some fish
Collecting fishing nets after a hard day’s work
This activity can continue until late afternoon

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