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Gracias Collection from Lucaris – delivering heartfelt wishes for your beloved

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Giving meaningful gifts to loved ones is always a beautiful cultural feature of Vietnamese people.  Lucaris, a luxury lead-free crystal wine wares brand produced in Thailand, introduces the Gracias collection to you, featuring distinctive floral patterns packaged with exquisite artistry in impressive crystal wine wares.

Derived from Latin, meaning gratitude, Gracias is considered a statement of class exclusively for the festive season, conveying continuous appreciation and respect for your loved ones. The collection marks Lucaris’ collaboration with Suthipa Kamyam, an award-winning designer and illustrator, capturing the allure of iconic flowers with meanings from both Eastern and Western cultures, creating uniqueness in high-quality crystal glasses. Each flower is meticulously crafted, adorning modern crystal wine glasses, exuding sophistication as part of the prestigious Hong Kong Hip collection by Lucaris.

In this collection, flowers take center stage. First and foremost is Peony, symbolizing unparalleled prosperity and abundance, which is deeply rooted in cultural symbolism, with its lush petals and historical associations signifying wealth, good fortune, and flourishing success. This flower, when engraved on the glass, creates various shades of light, bringing about innovation that constantly moves and transforms, resembling blooming petals.

The collection is a thoughtful gift, perfect for presenting to boss, colleague, friends, partners, conveying meaningful wishes for their prosperity, success, and well-being. When enjoying wine in these glasses, the recipient’s sight will be indulged, along with a deep taste in every moment connecting the giver and the receiver with finesse.

Peony, the majestic monarch of flowers, an emblem of unparalleled prosperity and abundance

The second artwork features the Chrysanthemum, a symbol of joy and enduring friendship. With a fresh expression and attention to every line, shape, and the contrast of each layer of delicate petals, it creates a gentle yet powerful beauty.

This collection is a genuine gift for parents, teachers, or friends, not only based on quality but also on emotional factors. Each glass is a perfect embodiment, awakening beautiful memories or distant recollections for every customer. Lucaris proudly asserts that emotional elements are always the focal point when creating a gift collection for customers.

Chrysanthemum, a vibrant symbol of joy and enduring friendship, the essence of harmonious connections

The third artwork is the Iris flower, an embodiment of wisdom and revelry. This product is suitable for creating positive impressions in relationships, strengthening emotional connections with partners, or congratulating the achievements of friends.

Lucaris glasses with the image of the Iris will guide users to precious moments and cherished memories. The glass design elevates the taste experience, awakening the layers of aroma and unique flavors during joyous occasions, art appreciation, or moments of solitude to savor one’s personal space.

Iris, an embodiment of wisdom and revelry, guides you towards moments of celebration and enlightenment

A Lucaris representative says, ”The simple way to celebrate is to appreciate the positive stories in each day, whether they are small things or great successes. The Gracias collection is a part of your happy moments. These high-quality crystal wine wares, uniquely designed to enhance the wine-tasting experience, now become even more special with meaningful patterns created by the world-class artist Suthipa Kamyam. The collection offers diversity with various types of glasses and decanters in an elegant box, suitable for gifting as a token of gratitude for the end of the year.”

Certainly, the Gracias collection will be the limited-edition gift for the end of the year, satisfying the most stringent requirements of connoisseurs of exquisite and classy taste, promising to become a valuable masterpiece in the collection of wine enthusiasts.

Own the Gracias collection from Lucaris on various e-commerce platforms:

-Shopee: Click here

-Lazada: Click here


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