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Green grassland awakes spring

By Thuy Ngan

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The An Hao tourist site is beautiful and attractive in all seasons but its greatest beauty is probably seen at the end of the year. As winter fades away and spring moves in, which is when nature witnesses the change of seasons, the An Hao tourist site puts on a new colorful appearance. It is at this time that the An Hao eco-tourist site undergoes a vigorous change to the pure beauty with numerous buds being soaked in the sunshine.

Brushing aside the pandemic, the green grassland is gorgeous at the beginning of spring.

A view of the An Hao eco-tourist site

Enjoy the beauty of nature

Visiting the An Hao eco-tourist site, tourists can see green grass fields and beds of colorful blooming flowers, including hydrangea, periwinkle, European michaelmas daisy, red bougainvillea and roses. In the distance, the Thien Canh Lake is splendid like an emerald in the early morning, featuring the beauty of the hinterland.

Coming to the tourist site these days, tourists can feel the pulse of spring. The tourist site is full of beautiful songs of swallows flying in the warm sunshine on the first days of spring.

The fresh climate and the green nature of mountains and forests help visitors comfortably comply with anti-pandemic measures and experience a happy and peaceful period with their families and relatives.

Mingling with nature

Standing on a water tower to see sheep peacefully grazing in the sunshine can make you think of romantic grasslands. White clouds hovering over mountains create a poetic water-color painting.

Earlier, many people had chosen far-off destinations to enjoy the springtime. However, due to the pandemic, they now prefer places close to nature to enjoy fresh atmosphere and feel peace in their souls. The An Hao eco-tourist site is an ideal choice for many tourists.

Discover spiritual culture

It can be said that the An Hao eco-tourist site is the most special destination this spring as tourists can concurrently experience beautiful natural landscapes, take part in worship activities and discover the spiritual culture on the peak of That Son (Seven Mountains). There are legends of some mysterious locations, such as Thach Thu Buddha, Son Than Temple, Linh Thuu Mountain and many magnificent caves. They are precious assets of the holy land which the investor of the An Hao tourist site has managed to introduce on the occasion of the lunar New Year.

Son Than Temple

Tourists will immediately see a stunning winding path connecting the tourist site to Buddha’s hand-shaped stones, where they can start a journey to learn about the source of the nation’s spirit.

In the miraculous fog, tourists can see Son Than Temple, where they burn incense and conduct religious ceremonies to pray for blessings for their families before the new year. It’s wonderful to start a new year with such a peaceful moment.

Buddha’s hand-shaped stones

In the new year, let’s visit this holy land to set our mind at ease and enjoy the quintessence of nature. The Tet holiday will be luckier and more perfect if you mingle with the nature in the An Hao tourist site.

The An Hao tourist site is nestled at the foot of Cam mountain in An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province. It is part of the Sao Mai Solar Power Plant whose investor is Sao Mai Group. The tourist site is a combination of a beautiful grassland and the eco-tourist site model. Travel lovers will have new and unforgettable experiences when they visit An Giang and the southwest region as a whole.

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