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Half of Vietnamese workers surveyed want new jobs

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – A significant shift in the Vietnamese labor market has emerged, with 35% of local employees saying in a survey that they are currently seeking a new job and 21% saying that they are planning to start a job hunt in the next six months, according to Michael Page Vietnam.

The “The Invisible Revolution” survey, which interviewed 996 professionals from various sectors, found that 50% of employees said they had changed roles since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

The results indicate a fundamental shift in the workforce’s relationship with their jobs, according to analysts. A flexible mindset towards career progression has become the new norm, with the majority viewing job transitions as a regular part of their employment journey.

May Wah Chan, regional director of Michael Page Vietnam, said, “95% of all employees in Vietnam are open to considering new opportunities. Even generally happy employees will explore new career prospects.”

She noted that local workers are now seeking a more comprehensive package, including attractive salaries, flexibility, career growth, frequent recognition and a work culture, which aligns with their values in sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion.”

In addition, the correlation between the economic situation and job hunting is becoming more apparent. Some 54% of the workforce are more likely to seek a new job when the economic environment deteriorates.

However, the report showed that the openness would not necessarily convert into job applications. After a high volume of career migration during and post pandemic, people now focus on finding employment opportunities that best meet their individual ambitions and fulfill their vision of an ideal work-life balance.

Nicholas Kirk, CEO at PageGroup, said, “The trends in Vietnam mirror the sentiment of the global talent market.”

This tendency has put heightened pressures on companies to stand out with their job advertisements and create more compelling employee value propositions to attract talents.

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