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Halong Bay seen from a new angle

By Nhu Truc

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Apart from admiring Halong Bay from cruise ships, another spectacular way to get a panoramic view of the Bay is by trekking to Bai Tho Peak.

With a height of about 168 meters above sea level, Bai Tho Mountain is nestled in Bach Dang Ward, Halong City. The mountain’s special terrain has a small street right at the foot of the mountain on one side and the sea on the other side.

From Bai Tho Peak, tourists can fully capture the beauty of Halong’s landscape.

The mountain is associated with the history of the nation. Legend has it that Bai Tho Mountain used to be where soldiers guarded the northeast border gate. When the enemy came, the guards lit a fire to report to the citadel. In 1468, King Le Thanh Tong was really impressed with the beauty of the mountain so he engraved a poem on the cliff. After that, Lord Trinh Cuong and many other poets also carved their poems on the cliffs. At present, there are many stone steles recording the history of the mountain.

At dawn, the scenery becomes even more magical with white mist surrounding the mountain – PHOTO: HIEUCKRAY

The trail leading to the mountain peak is mostly stone steps winding around the mountain with green trees on both sides. The trail gets gradually narrower as tourists approach the top. It takes tourists about 30 minutes to get to the peak. However, the scenery seen from above is extraordinary; that, coupled with cool winds, helps tourists forget all about the exhausting trek.

If travelers want to conquer Bai Tho Mountain, they should consult the locals to avoid getting lost. At dawn, the scenery becomes even more magical, with white mist surrounding the mountain. The beauty of this place is like a painting, with blue sea water and green mountains gently rising from the sea. All the photos taken there highlight the majestic Vietnamese landscape.

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