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Hanoi, HCMC lead in provincial innovation rankings

By Van Ly

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HANOI – Hanoi City and HCMC have secured the top two positions in Vietnam’s 2023 provincial innovation index (PII), the Ministry of Science and Technology said at a press conference on March 12.

Hanoi emerged as the national leader, dominating in 14 out of 52 sub-indices, closely followed by HCMC, excelling in 12 sub-indices. The PII offers insights into each region’s economic and social development model, with a focus on scientific and technological advancement and innovative practices.

Regions were classified into six socioeconomic zones, with the Red River Delta region recording the highest average score of 45.17, followed by the southeastern region at 44.81. The north-central and central coast regions and the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam displayed comparable average scores of 36.36 and 36.96, respectively.

The Central Highlands and Northern mountainous and midland regions exhibited relatively lower scores, at 32.19 and 32.72.

The PII aims to provide a scientific basis and evidence regarding the strengths, weaknesses, potential factors, and necessary conditions for socioeconomic development based on science, technology, and innovation for each region. Piloted in 2022 with 20 localities, the index has been implemented nationwide since 2023, following positive results.

Structured in alignment with the Global Innovation Index framework published annually by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the PII utilizes data from various sources, including statistical reports, official management reports from central and local agencies, and other indices such as administrative reform, provincial competitiveness, digital transformation, and public administration efficiency.

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