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Hanoi orders street food stalls to strictly follow Covid-19 prevention measures

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HCMC – The Hanoi Department of Health has issued Document 2111 on food safety during the coronavirus period, asking street food sellers to continue following Covid-19 infection prevention and control measures strictly after the social distancing regulation was lifted.

The municipal department has ordered street food vendors to wear face masks when serving customers and to maintain a safe physical distance of at least one meter between each customer, the local media reported.

Besides this, the municipal department asked the district authorities to direct food processors, restaurants, hotel canteens and eateries to ensure food safety.

Restaurants and food stalls are only allowed to serve the public if they meet all food safety requirements.

Also, the Hanoi Health Department ordered street food stalls to package food safely before serving it to customers and to provide enough clean water and soap for customers to wash their hands before and after their meals.

These food stalls were asked not to serve more than 20 customers at a time to ensure a safe physical distance is maintained.

Apart from this, the health department also told the competent agencies to enhance the inspection and supervision of these stalls to ensure their compliance with food safety regulations.

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