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HCMC cracks down on unsafe food products

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – HCMC authorities have launched a crackdown on food safety violations, resulting in the disposal of over 18,000 products and nearly 800 kilograms of untraceable food items.

The HCMC Department of Market Surveillance carried out 22 inspections on goods that lacked clear origins, were imported illegally, or failed to meet quality and hygiene standards between January 17 and 22.

Officials from the department confirmed that they had disposed of 766 kilograms of various pastries, candies, and preserves, along with 18,000 units of assorted confectionery. The total value of these items amounted to VND264.1 million.

The authorities also handled 200 kilograms each of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, 100 kilograms of peach gum, 45 kilograms of dried apples, 66 kilograms of preserved apples and pumpkins, 11,400 egg-shaped candies, 4,800 stick candy boxes, 110 packs of Pokemon-shaped candies, and 114 boxes of chocolate with unverified origins.

The disposal of non-compliant goods took place at a branch of the HCMC Urban Environment Company. Specialized grinding machinery was employed to ensure thorough destruction. The processed remnants were then handed over to the company for final and environmentally responsible disposal.

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