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HCMC hosts global stem cell conference

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HCMC – The southern metropolis has brought together international experts to discuss the potential of stem cell research at a recent scientific conference.

Researchers and medical professionals from Vietnam, Italy, South Korea, and Singapore converged on December 8 to examine the latest breakthroughs in stem cell applications and technologies at the 12th Scientific Conference, held by the Stem Cell Association of HCMC.

Among the international participants were Dr. Karen Kieu Nguyen, a specialist in stem cell research and application from Aldo Moro University in Italy, Dr. Ciro Gargiulo and Dr. Maurizio Serafini.

At the conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Cong Toai, chairman of the Stem Cell Association of HCMC, highlighted the challenges and opportunities posed by gene and stem cell applications. He said these advancements contribute significantly to scientific and technological progress, from addressing genetic disorders to the regeneration of bodily tissues.

Dr. Ciro Gargiulo from the Pre-Hospital Department at St. Giuseppe Moscati Hospital in Taranto, Italy, emphasized the pivotal role of stem cells in the development, regeneration, and repair of tissues.

Dr. Ciro Gargiulo poses for a photo at the event

Stem cells, with their ability to self-renew and differentiate into mature cells, play a crucial role throughout an organism’s lifespan. While their role in protecting hosts from viruses is still under research, recent studies have shifted towards utilizing stem cells in immune therapy, particularly in expanding their potential to regenerate specific bodily functions. This strategic shift allows researchers to move beyond conventional research protocols and restore targeted activities within the body, according to Gargiulo.

Recent stem cell breakthroughs demonstrated at the conference highlight promising applications in regenerative medicine, gene transfer, protein recombination, and pharmaceuticals. These advancements, uncovered in recent research, offer significant potential for the field of biomedical tissue regeneration, genetic modification in animals, protein recombination in humans, and the development of human biological organs, as well as pharmaceuticals.

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