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HCMC proposes tighter management regulations for pets

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – The HCMC Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has proposed stricter regulations for managing pet dogs and cats, including mandatory registration to enhance oversight and curb various issues caused by pets.

The proposal aims to address concerns related to pets, such as noise disturbances, public cleanliness, attacks on individuals, and road accidents. Additionally, it aims to mitigate the risk of disease transmission from pets to humans, particularly rabies.

According to the proposal, residents intending to own dogs or cats must register them with local authorities. Microchipping pets is encouraged to facilitate breeding information management, vaccination records, and transportation quarantine measures.

Registration should occur biannually, and immediate registration is required within three days of acquiring a new pet or upon request by authorities. Mandatory rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats are proposed to minimize disease transmission risks.

Pet owners must ensure public safety when taking their pets to public places by leashing, muzzling, and supervising them closely.

The proposal also emphasizes humane treatment standards for raising dogs and cats, requiring suitable facilities to provide adequate living conditions for pets.

Currently, HCMC has over 184,000 dogs and cats cared for by nearly 106,000 households. The HCMC Center for Disease Control has reported an increase in rabies vaccine recipients due to animal bites, with around 10,000 people receiving the vaccine monthly.

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