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HCMC set to gradually reopen economy after Sept 30

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – HCMC will reopen its economy and ease mobility restrictions step-by-step after September 30, city vice chairman Le Hoa Binh said this morning.

Speaking at a press briefing on the city government’s latest directive on the Covid-19 response, Binh said that from October 1, certain social and economic activities could be restarted.

Social distancing measures will be eased depending on the trajectory of the pandemic which remains unpredictable given the highly infectious Delta coronavirus variant, he noted.

This means the city will not allow all activities in society to resume at once, he said, adding people should not go out without essential reasons. Covid checkpoints along the inner-city streets will be removed but law enforcement agencies will send out mobile patrol teams that are responsible for making random checks on the movement of people and vehicles on the streets.

Before going out as from tomorrow, residents should temporarily use VNEID and Y te HCM (HCM health) mobile apps to declare their destinations and health conditions. If they do not have smartphones to download the above two apps, they can produce proof of their recovery from Covid-19 in the last 180 days or their partial or full vaccination done 14 days before. Private vehicles will be allowed to travel in the city.

When the newly developed mobile app PC-Covid is ready for use, it would replace the VNEID and Y te HCM apps. PC-Covid would be a single mobility and health declaration app which people would have to use when they travel inside Vietnam.

Nguyen Sy Quang, deputy director of the municipal Police Department, said at the news conference that after September 30, residents will not require police permits to travel inside the city but the police will keep in place 12 checkpoints at the gateways to the city and 39 checkpoints in the districts bordering other provinces.

Residents cannot leave the city. The municipal Department of Transport will issue guidelines. Delivery people will operate under the Department of Industry and Trade’s instructions.

The activities allowed to resume will include food, fuel, gas, electricity, water and material supply; commercial centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, groceries, wholesale markets and traditional wet markets; vehicle, machine and equipment trade, repair and maintenance; and the management, operation and maintenance of infrastructure facilities of agencies and apartment buildings.

For indoor activities, such as meetings, training courses and seminars, a maximum of 10 people can be present at a time. If all participants are fully vaccinated, the maximum number can be 70.

Regarding outdoor activities, the figures will be 15 and 100 people, respectively.

State agencies, and social and political organizations can arrange for employees to return to work in line with the city’s safety criteria.

Consulates of other countries and offices of international organizations will decide their own work solutions but must reduce at least 30% of their staff working at their offices.

Hairdressers and salons can reopen but must operate at half of their capacity at the maximum.

Further, tourist sites and museums will operate at a maximum of 30% of their capacity and all guests are required to have been fully vaccinated, have recovered from Covid-19 or have a valid negative Covid-19 test result.

All State agencies, enterprises and service providers in the city must register for QR codes at https://antoan-covid.tphcm.gov.vn/. By October 15, their staff and guests must scan these QR codes before entry.

The city will come up with solutions to support migrant workers who are still here in the city and make arrangements for those who already came back to their hometowns due to Covid to return to the city for work.

Vice chairman Binh said the city would prioritize the resumption of production activity, so almost all workers in the industrial, export processing and high-tech zones have been fully vaccinated against Covid and they can return to work.

Residents will be allowed to exercise with a maximum of 15 people per group. If all participants have got two vaccine shots, the maximum number can be 100.

The operations of bars, spas, massage and karaoke parlors, beauty centers, on-site catering services, cinemas, as well as cultural, artistic and religious events will remain shut.


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  1. For foreigners is impossible to apply to these applications (VNeID accept only numbers, Y Te HCM is so complicated and only in Vietnamese). Blue zone(PC-Covid) is good but as I see for my data is incomplete, I am full vaccinated, with two shots but recognize and appear only my first. In the SSKDT application I appear as full vaccinated with the full details, when I do first and second dose. So how can I go outside?


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