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HCMC set to pilot Covid yellow, green passes after Sept 15

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – HCMC is planning to ease mobility restrictions step by step by piloting Covid-19 yellow and green passes and prioritizing resumption of some services and activities in the districts of 7, Cu Chi and Can Gio.

The HCMC government on September 10 held a conference collecting ideas from businesses to complete a draft plan on the Covid-19 fight and economic recovery in the city after September 15.

The city will reopen the economy while ensuring the safety of residents, so a Covid pass policy will serve as a tool to control and monitor people venturing out during the recovery period, the local media reported.

Under the draft plan, Covid green passes will be given to people who have received two doses of the vaccine and spent enough time building protection against the coronavirus, and those who were infected with Covid and have recovered in the six months prior.

People who have received one Covid vaccine shot and have had enough time to produce antibodies are eligible for a yellow pass.

As planned, the city’s recovery of the economy will have three phases. In the first phase from September 16 to October 31, people with a Covid green pass can participate in all social activities and events, except go to karaoke and massage parlors, bars, nightclubs, in-person restaurants or eateries, cinemas, sports clubs, commercial centers and entertainment centers.

Meanwhile, people who have a yellow pass and test negative for the disease can participate in fewer activities.

In the second phase between October 31 and January 15, 2022, the city will resume more activities for green pass holders, including commercial centers, outdoor sports and entertainment areas and dine-in services with fewer than 20 persons at a time.

During the third phase, the city will reopen all economic activities, while only people with a green pass can visit karaoke parlors, bars or nightclubs.

Speaking at the conference, HCMC Chairman Phan Van Mai said that it is hard to execute the dual task of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring socioeconomic growth. As such, to ease social distancing measures and help the economy recover as soon as possible, the city will take drastic anti-pandemic measures.

Effectiveness in the fight against Covid-19 is expected to aid the economic recovery process, Mai said, adding that economic recovery can work well if the Covid-19 situation improves.

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