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HCMC’s largest seasonal decoration street ready for Tet

By Le Vu

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HCMC – Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street, known as HCMC’s largest seasonal decoration street, has transitioned from Christmas to a vibrant Tet wonderland.

The shops along the street in District 5 are now adorned with an array of Tet furnishing items in vivid, attention-grabbing hues and imaginative designs.

Shop owners said that they began preparations for the Tet season prior to Christmas.

Consumers can find a variety of items, such as lanterns, couplets, bamboo ornaments and red envelopes for lucky money.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon in the zodiac calendar, prompting the display of numerous dragon-themed products with various designs
Chu Hai Binh, proprietor of a decoration store on Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street, said that this year local shops are offering Tet decorations earlier than usual, with some products displayed alongside Christmas items. Prices have remained relatively stable compared to previous years, with only modest price increases of VND1,000-VND5,000 for certain items
Red envelopes range from VND5,000 to VND15,000 per pack; couplets and hanging decorations are priced between VND100,000 and VND200,000 per pair; mini decorations range from VND10,000 to VND30,000; and fireworks cost VND150,000 or above
Nonetheless, Binh said his shop has imported just enough products to meet the demand, not exceeding last year’s stock. He added that under the current tough economic conditions, early buyers of decorations remain primarily regular customers, visitors from other provinces, and businesses
Another decoration shop owner, Thanh Hai, said that this year’s Tet decorations come with a variety of beautiful designs that are likely to draw customers. “The difficulties of this Tet season are obvious to everyone, so I have a pricing strategy that make customers afford,” he added
In addition to direct sales, shops along Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street have embraced digital promotion by photographing and filming their decorations for display on social media platforms
Trang, another shop owner, said these proactive measures have proven effective in drawing more customers to the shop
Among the popular Tet decorations, couplets, gold coins, and banh chung (sticky rice cakes) are favorite choices for families and companies
Shopkeepers are working diligently to prepare for the upcoming Tet season
Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street is illuminated by the red color, which is symbolic of good fortuneluck, vitality and prosperity

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