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Health Ministry warns against large-scale disinfection of outdoor spaces

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HCMC – The Ministry of Health has advised local authorities against large-scale disinfection of outdoor spaces for the Covid-19 virus.

Disinfectants, which must be licensed, should be sprayed in small areas where Covid-19 patients live or visit and in appropriate volumes, the local media reported.

Some local governments have been spraying disinfectants in public places and some agencies have even installed disinfection booths for people.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), streets and sidewalks do not contain the coronavirus. WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) do not recommend large-scale disinfection of outdoor spaces as it impacts on the health of those directly spraying the disinfectants and those in the disinfected areas, the wastage of the disinfectants and risks to the environment.

WHO and the U.S. CDC have also recommended not spraying disinfectants on people in any circumstance, as it does not help reduce the virus transmission risk and is harmful to people’s health.

Earlier, many localities had launched large-scale disinfection drives, such as Hanoi, HCMC and Binh Duong.

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