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High-speed rail – Why and how

By Vu Quang Viet

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According to the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), logistics costs account for 16.8% of Vietnam’s GDP, well above the world average of 10.7%. This figure is higher than that of Singapore (8.5%), Malaysia (13%), and Thailand (15.5%). Vietnam’s transport market Data showed that passenger and freight transport growth since 2000 has fared better than economic growth. But in the past 10 years, economic growth has accelerated but the transport sector has decelerated, which explains why transport costs in Vietnam are much higher than the world’s average. Regarding passenger transport between 1995 and 2019, based on the number of passengers and the length of travel (passenger-kilometers), road transport was the primary mode (62%), followed by air transport (34%). Railways (1%) and waterways (3%, mostly riverways) held an inconsiderable market share. In terms of purely the number of passengers, air transport accounted for 55 million out of the total number of 4.8 billion passengers in 2019, while the railway sector transported only 8 million passengers, or a respective market share of 1.2% and 0.2%. Meanwhile, 4.4 billion passengers, or 93%, opted for road transport. Putting these figures in perspective, it can be seen that passengers choose to travel by air for long […]
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