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Hoi An, the sleeping beauty

By Adrien Jean

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HCMC – Hoi An, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999, fast became one of the most frequented ancient cities in South East Asia. Yet Covid-19 has brought a brutal hold to it. The city also became a hot spot for digital nomads over years, but stricter visa policies implemented in 2021 have pushed some foreigners to seek more clement skies.

Hoi An has been very quiet for months as the health crisis intensified all around Vietnam, a blessing for preserving the old town but a loss to locals who rely on tourism for a living. The following photo collection depicts some scenes of the ancient town during the social distancing time in Hoi An. Enjoy them if you want before the town becomes too touristy again.

A man is selling balloons and children’s toys
The drawing of a sad face on a public toilet
There is no activity on the beach
Seafood eateries on the beach remain closed due to Covid-19 restrictions
This beach is empty at sunrise
An abandoned backpacker stand
Tailor shops are empty
A man stays lonely in his shop at night
The message of this restaurant announces its temporary closure as from March 2020
This stall selling banana cakes, one of tourists’ favorite snack, has been temporarily abandoned in town
A man in a wheelchair passes in front of an iconic wall of the old town
This boat driver is waiting for customers to take on a tour
An old woman and her paper lanterns
Shops closed due to Covid restrictions
This old man walks past a former cinema
A coffee waitress waiting for customers
A motorbike parked by the Hoai River flowing through Hoi An

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