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HONOR officially makes a comeback in Vietnam with HONOR X-series

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On July 21, 2023, HONOR officially made a comeback in Vietnam marked by the launch of HONOR X-series (HONOR X7a, HONOR X8a, HONOR X9a). This is expected to be a new beginning of the considerable potential for development to gain Vietnamese consumers’ trust.

Returning to the Vietnamese market this time, HONOR brings not only innovative products with cutting-edge technology, but also excellent, continuously improved experiences, demonstrating its understanding of consumption habits and meeting the expectations of Vietnamese customers.

Sharing about this comeback, HONOR brand representative remarked, “As a leading global provider of smart devices, we are committed to empowering consumers all around the world with best-in-class experiences through continuous technological innovation. In recent years, HONOR‘s experts have been dedicated to researching and understanding the consumption habits and usage of technology items in Vietnam. Vietnam is a potential and promising market with a large number of users of technology products, along with high competition among technology brands, particularly in the mobile phone market. However, HONOR is completely confident with this comeback as we bring an exceptional experience of global standards at an affordable price for Vietnamese consumers.”

Along with the return of HONOR, this July will see the arrival of the HONOR X-series including the HONOR X7a, the HONOR X8a, and the HONOR X9a. With a new product line in Vietnam, HONOR is expected to focus on low-cost to mid-range mobile phones, followed by the launching of high-end devices.

Featured in the X-series is the key product the HONOR X9a “eXtra Vision, eXtra Power” – with key highlights: 120Hz AMOLED Curved Display, ultra-large 5100mAh battery combined with HONOR 40W super fast charging, Technology 8GB + 5GB Turbo RAM with a slim and light 7.9mm design,… Through outstanding improvements in this comeback, the X9a represents HONOR’s strategy to become the brand that delivers the “extra” experience with an affordable price in the mid-range phone segment with a curved display experience and leading technology that meets global standards in the Vietnamese market.

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