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HOSE disallows margin trading of 74 stocks, fund certificates in Q2

By N.Tan

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HCMC – The Hochiminh Stock Exchange, or HOSE, has released a list of 74 stocks and fund certificates ineligible for margin trading in the second quarter of this year, nine stocks higher than the previous list published at the beginning of this year.

The list includes stocks frequently under warning or control by regulatory authorities, such as DLG, FDC, HAI, HVN, ITA, JVC, MCG, OGC, NVT, PTL, RDP, SCD, TNI, TTF, VDS, HAG, HNG and NKG.

Margin trading restrictions have also been imposed on several stock codes, such as NKG, POM, PTC, PVD, SMC, SVD, TSC and HAR, as these companies suffered accumulated losses, according to their financial statements.

Another reason for the restrictions is that some companies failed to file their audited financial statements on time. Others reported their financial statements without acceptance from auditing organizations.

Additionally, some stocks listed for less than six months are also ineligible for margin trading, including ACG, the fund certificate FUEVTVGF4 of the Thien Viet Growth Fund and the Kim Growth VNFINSELECT ETF fund certificate ETF (FUEKIVFS).

A series of fund certificates, such as FUEKIV30, FUEIP100, FUEDCMID, FUCVREIT and FUCTVGF3, have been subject to margin trading restrictions as their indicative net asset value (iNAV) is lower than the par value based on the monthly report on NAV Changes for three consecutive months.

As a result, investors will not be able to use the credit limit provided by the brokerage company to buy these stocks and fund certificates.

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