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Hue enshrouded in morning mist

Text & photos by Hoang Le

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In the midst of the cool season, the former imperial capital of Hue awakens veiled in a thick morning mist. As dawn breaks, the streets become cloaked in a dense fog, giving the impression that the sky itself descends upon the city. This transformation bestows an even greater sense of magic upon the romantic land of Hue.

For avid photographers, this ethereal scene is an irresistible opportunity. To capture these breathtaking moments, they must rise early, often as early as 5 a.m. Riding through the city, one can immerse themselves in the mystique of the city obscured by mist. Witnessing boats gracefully navigating through the fog on the Huong River or observing locals heading to the market in this atmospheric ambiance is an exhilarating experience for tourists exploring Hue during this season.

The iconic Huong River in Hue gracefully draped in a veil of mist
An ancient relic in Hue takes on a mysterious and dim appearance
Early morning activities are in full swing amidst the misty surroundings
A solitary boat sails gracefully on the tranquil water of the Huong River
A woman cycles to the market on the outskirts of Hue, navigating through the dense fog
Two women embark on a journey to the early flea market
Amidst the mist, a woman tends her field in a serene corner of Hue
A man cycles through the misty landscape, promoting fitness and wellness
A stork graces the serene morning on the outskirts of Hue
A veil of dense fog envelops a picturesque street in Hue
Workers commence their day, unaffected by the lingering morning mist
Workers commence their day, unaffected by the lingering morning mist

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