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Hue to promote itself as ‘City of bikes’ to attract locals and foreign tourists

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THUA THIEN-HUE – To preserve and promote its heritage, culture and landscape, the central city of Hue will continue its post-Covid-19 development journey by promoting itself as a “City of bikes” and encourage the development of a bicycle network.

According to Phan Thien Dinh, Vice Chairman of Thua Thien-Hue Provincial People’s Committee, while Hue develops to become a centrally governed city, it seeks to focus on preserving and promoting the ancient capital’s heritage as well as its cultural identity including its ecology, landscape, environment friendliness and smartness. The “City of bikes” campaign aligns with this development.

“A smart city cannot be built with just equipment or enhanced technology. It must be about smart thinking and the way we choose our roadmap,” said Dinh at the “Hue, a city of bikes – community identity and image of environment friendly cycling city” seminar that took place on June 10 in the ancient city. He added, “The choice that mostly respects nature, I think, is the smart choice. Therefore, promoting riding bicycles is in keeping with this goal.”

Meanwhile, Bui Thu Hien, co-founder of the Smart Connection Center, said that organizing cycling events would help increase the number of people who cycle, reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality and human health.

Speaking at the seminar, Fred Yound, CEO of Alta Go Planning Company in Southeast Asia, noted that Hue is one of the cities with favorable conditions to encourage cycling among locals and tourists. Cyclists, in particular, can experience the culture of Hue and places of interest at a distance of only nine kilometers from downtown to the tourist areas, noted Yound.

Regarding the relationship between biking and tourism, Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of Thua Thien-Hue Department of Tourism, commented on the feasibility of a smart bicycle tourism project launched by Vietsoftpro late last year.

Admitting that it is an environment-friendly vehicle, Phuc said that to encourage tourists to stay longer, it is first essential to develop a suitable plan to roll out the smart bike project. “Not all tourists like traveling by bicycle. When executing the project, the investor needs to pilot a few hundred bikes and suitable routes,” said Phuc.

A survey by the Department of Tourism highlighted that biking is popular among Western tourists, who love to experience gardens, green destinations and heritage.

According to the leader of the Thua Thien-Hue Tourism Department, this is a good opportunity to initiate the smart bike project combined with the “City of bikes” campaign.

Preparing now and well will help the ancient capital of Hue attract international tourists after the Covid-19 infection around the world has eased or when certain safe areas have been announced.

By Nhan Tam

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