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IFC One Saigon revives after 10 years

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The new façade of IFC One Saigon (formerly Saigon One Tower) in a prime location of HCMC between districts 1 and 4 has captured public attention of late. It revives after more than 10 years of construction delay.

Although the project is located at the intersection of Ham Nghi, Ton Duc Thang and Vo Van Kiet streets in HCMC’s District 1, its construction had ground to a stall for 10 years.

It required a total investment of hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. Saigon M&C Real Estate Joint Stock Company, who was the investor of the project at that time, scheduled to complete the building in 2009, but it was suddenly delayed when 80% completed. Since then, Saigon One Tower was a “black” spot in HCMC. Photographers may hate it the most as the “black” spot was in every frame seen from the intersection.

In late 2021, many workers returned to the construction site.

Then, Viva Land Management & Development Joint Stock Company was announced as the new project owner and its name was also changed to IFC One Saigon. Established in 2020, Viva Land has invested in a series of projects in prime locations aside from IFC One Saigon.

According to Viva Land, the skyscraper with a gross floor area of 123,000 square meters includes office spaces, apartments, and shopping centers.

The façade of the 43-storey building has been in the fast process, impressing citizens. The building undergoes a total transformation with an outstanding façade covered with big triangle glass panels.

The two-layer façade makes IFC One Saigon look like a shinning diamond in downtown HCMC, attracting many passers-by who may be surprised with its transformation.

The rapid construction progress is the combination between human resources and careful construction plan. BM WINDOWS, the façade contractor of IFC One Saigon, offers flexible solutions and use state-of-the-art construction machines to build the two layers including the Unitized glass wall and the layer of big triangle glass panels. Notably, the triangle glass panels are designed exclusively for the building and transported to the construction site by oversized-overweight vehicles.

Thanks to the smooth coordination between production plants and the careful construction plan of BW WINDOWS, more than 200 glass panels are installed every day. This is an impressive record. In the last 40 days, 883 triangle glass panels and 1,628 unitized panels have been installed. As the façade design of the 185-meter building is inspired by the legendary “dragon,” the big triangle glass panels are used to create an artistic gradient effect of dragon scales.

IFC One Saigon is expected to become a new landmark of HCMC once it is completed.

The project’s price is forecast to be much higher than that of Grand Marina Saigon project developed by Masteries Homes.

The previous price was VND90 million per square meter, but the new price will be 11 times higher.

BM WINDOWS is also the façade contractor of many projects along the west and east banks of the Saigon River, such as Hilton Saigon, The Nexus, The Sun Tower, The Galleria Residence- Metropole Thu Thiem, The Crest Residence-Metropole Thu Thiem, The River Thu Thiem, Cove Residence – Empire City and De La Sol.

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