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In business, succession matters

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Nowadays, modernity and rapid development of the digital age have forced people to move forward to catch up with the world’s advancement. Opportunities and challenges in the context of deep integration into the international economy require young Vietnamese entrepreneurs to continue equipping themselves with knowledge and skills. Seizing opportunities, taking advantage of challenges and turning challenges into driving forces enable young entrepreneurs to bring about benefits for the whole economy’s development.

Young shoots spring up to replace old bamboos

The young generation is getting better and even creates more breakthroughs than the previous generation. As the saying goes “one generation replaces the other”, this spirit as the soul of a nation has been passed down from generation to generation by Vietnamese people. Talents have always been there, and regardless of the different path chosen, they have the same destination, which is contribution to make our country better like today.

Life continues as it is. The young generation dares to confront the challenges and take the risks, and keep moving forward in the journey to assert themselves. Besides inheriting knowledge and getting experience from the previous generation, young people never stop improving awareness to become the best versions of themselves.

The above is correct with business, as young entrepreneurs assume the responsibility for taking over businesses, establish new values and drive the businesses to benefit the community and society. To have a successful succession, the gradual withdrawal of the incumbent leaders and the takeover of the successors need to be done simultaneously and kept well-communicated.

An amazing view of An Hao solar power plant

Milestone – passing business to successor

Le Tuan Anh, CEO of Sao Mai Solar, holder of a Master’s degree granted by Hanoi National Economics University (NEU), has graduated from one of the famous universities in Australia – THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY. He is a high-potential candidate among successors to be chosen at the 2023 Sao Mai Shareholders’ General Meeting.

“The founders could not avoid having concerns over their decisions in choosing the right  persons to pass on their businesses to. To do this, the most important thing is to have a solid  working foundation to support the successors to develop and keep the business on the right track,” the owner of the Sao Mai Group shared.

Unlike other rich kids, after returning to Vietnam, Le Tuan Anh started his journey by experiencing different positions in a multi-industry working environment, finding solutions to the business headaches during the coronavirus pandemic. Thereby, he could understand the crux of the issues to help Sao Mai Group operate in the most effective way is “how to win friends and influence people”, promote solidarity among employees, and play an important role in building a sense of community in the organization.

Le Tuan Anh speaks at the inauguration ceremony of An Hoa Solar Power Plant

After that, Le Tuan Anh with his innovative and creative ideas in the green energy has given the optimal solutions for the company given the ongoing global energy crisis. With a financial capacity and a strategic vision toward investment in a series of green energy projects, he succeeded in shifting the economic structure during the pandemic.

It seems that knowing how to grasp business opportunities and improve his strengths has helped Tuan Anh have a good start in this new industry. This is evidenced by the positive growth and the outstanding achievements of the company in many energy forums. For years on end, An Hao solar power plant has been honored as one of the 10 outstanding renewable energy projects of Vietnam.

Bringing high revenue for business, the renewable energy project was also developed into a place that witnesses a good combination of eco-tourism, spiritual tourism and hi-tech agriculture. The tourist site of An Hao solar power plant brings people to a beautiful wonder land with an attractive natural landscape in harmony with a splendid “light capital”.

A chill place for those who want to take good pictures

Tourists could be indulged in romantic sceneries of many amazing check-in places such as Thien Can Lake, Hill of Sheep, Sao Mai Water Tower, and Sunflower Garden. This is a suitable place for those who want to enjoy living with nature and being exposed to the sunshine.

Besides An Giang, Dong Thap and Long An provinces, Sao Mai Solar planned to develop a series of solar power plants in Dak Nong, Dak Lak provinces and continues to be one of the pioneers in the revolution of greenization of the economy to achieve sustainable development.

A tourist site with unique features in the Mekong Delta

Starting up a business is difficult but succession of a business is tougher. Therefore, the first generation like Tuan Anh will of course face multiple pressures to run Sao Mai when the group has had many impressive achievements in its development during the past years.

Precious experiences passed down from generation to generation are key factors stimulating young entrepreneurs to run businesses successfully and achieve new targets.

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