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Indulging in Refined Cuisine with a Michelin Star Chef in Saigon

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AKUNA Restaurant is renowned for its excellent location in Saigon and its breathtaking vista overlooking the Saigon River. It is highly regarded by the upper class for providing a refined and upscale dining experience. The establishment presents a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere that is entirely suited for hosting an opulent fine dining event.

A World-Class Fine Dining Restaurant in the Heart of Saigon

Sophisticated Design

As one passes through the expansive main entrance, patrons are welcomed into a mesmerizing ambience. The design concept envisions an endless aquatic voyage, mirroring the very essence of its name – AKUNA, “the flowing water”. Overhead, the bespoke wave chandelier integrates hues of tranquil blue throughout the restaurant, capturing the ocean’s magnificence while gracefully enveloping the Chef’s table. The artworks of acclaimed Australian artist, Tony Wilson, grace the space, adding an extra touch of elegance, while the interior design unfolds AKUNA’s innovative spirit with captivating graffiti, infusing the ambience with artistic allure.

The sophisticated ambience of AKUNA Restaurant

At the heart of AKUNA is the refined open kitchen specifically designed for an impressive experience for diners. Watch our skilled chefs with an insider’s perspective, immersed in the process of crafting each delicate plate from start to finish. Additionally, the exclusive dining counter allows guests to luxuriate in the dual indulgence of gourmet cuisine and captivating city view.

All the while, for more intimate gatherings, AKUNA offers two private dining rooms ideal for various occasions, such as business negotiations or exclusive celebrations. Each room accommodates a maximum of 8 and 10 guests, and both preserve an atmosphere of luxury while ensuring privacy. Light filtering through large windows sets a romantic mood for couples looking to mark special occasions away from crowds.

Excellence in Service

Fine dining establishments are distinguished by the top standards of culinary expertise and hospitality. To truly exemplify an “exceptional evening”, AKUNA offers a premium culinary experience through exceptional service, and a creative yet curated tasting menu by award-winning Chef Sam Aisbett.

Led by talented Restaurant Manager Des from Italy, the team at AKUNA is composed of professionals from diverse culinary backgrounds around the world. With representation from Italy, Germany, France, Vietnam, Korea, the staff brings a wide array of skills and cultural influences, ensuring the highest level of bespoke service.

Blending Modern Australian Cuisine with Premium Vietnamese Produce

Discover Culinary Artistry from Michelin Star Chef

Michelin Star Award is a prestigious award that any chef in the culinary industry aspires to. Chef Aisbett’s proven success earning Michelin stars and renown among Asia’s most prestigious establishments provides him the expertise to elevate AKUNA’s standards to the highest level. His tenure at Whitegrass demonstrates mastery of factors that inspectors evaluate. Thus, patrons searching for the ultimate in culinary artistry need to search no further than AKUNA, with such an accomplished Michelin Star Chef at its helm.

Through his culinary talents, Chef Sam has skillfully blended Asian and European influences, revitalizing Vietnamese cuisine by introducing novel presentations while maintaining the authentic essence.

Michelin Star Chef Sam Aisbett
The Return of Michelin Star Chef – Sam Aisbett
Renowned Chef Sam Aisbett has made his comeback, resuming his role at the helm of acclaimed fine dining AKUNA Restaurant after a three-year hiatus. The Michelin Star Chef, along with his professional team, seeks to delight patrons with a world-class dining experience right in the heart of bustling Saigon.

Distinctive Cuisine

Bringing boundary-pushing dishes to AKUNA’s fine dining menu through his innovative vision, Chef Sam infuses novel flavors in an upscale style that caters to sophisticated tastes.

The tasting menus crafted by Chef Sam showcased Vietnamese ingredients and Australian specialties blended in artful ways: the Smoked Australian Free Range Pork Jowl serving with a poured-over broth enhanced with ‘sa sung’, the reminiscence of the umami Northern Vietnamese pho; the Crocodile Tongue with cured egg yolk and silky broken rice porridge, sashimi shima-aji and Fremantle octopus…

Fine dining experience with distinctive flavors

Dining at AKUNA under the direction of Michelin Chef Sam Aisbett promises to be an exciting and refined culinary journey. With his “no boundaries” approach and sophisticated visions, guests can discover how Aisbett and his world-class team transform space and food into artful sensory adventures.

Akuna Restaurant is located at Level 9, Le Méridien Saigon, 3C Ton Duc Thang, HCMC. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 6 PM – 10 PM, with a 7-course tasting menu (VND 3,900,000++/ US$165++) for dinner.
For more information, please contact:
+8491 173 58 00

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