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Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion – An Ideal Second Home Building Up Your Mental and Physical Health

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In the post-pandemic context, when health is of particular concern, owning a second home on the beach like Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion is a priority. It will be an optimal solution to take care of all family members’ physical and mental health.

A vacation at any time

Ho Tram has been creating a strong attraction among countless tourist destinations with forests and sea thanks to its ideal proximity to Ho Chi Minh City, which takes only 2 hours by car. With a warm sunny climate all year round, untouched nature, and convenient transport infrastructure, Ho Tram is becoming the first choice for tourists from Ho Chi Minh City or neighboring provinces, and international travelers.

Possessing a prime location of the new tourist mecca Ho Tram, Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion offers a calming oasis with a pristine beach on one side and 11,000 hectares of Phuoc Buu – Binh Chau primitive forest on the other. A vacation here is an opportunity for all family members to relax and re-energize and a medical treatment that brings many health benefits.

Swimming, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying the sea breeze are seemingly elementary, but in fact they benefit our health. Sea water strengthens the body’s self-defense ability, improves blood circulation, increases the number of red blood cells, and stabilizes the heart rate. Sea salt contains numerous trace elements and mineral salts that are good for health, help improve the respiratory system, strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. The heat from the sun combined with the coolness of seawater act on the skin to increase the body’s metabolism.

Relaxing on the beach will provide the body with overflowing negative ions that neutralize the excess toxic substances accumulated within the human body in the context of urbanization. More specifically, the harmony between the sea air and the green area of the primitive forest adjacent to the project will help accelerate oxygen absorption and balance serotonin level – one of the happy hormones. Therefore, an ideal vacation home like Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion is an invaluable health asset for yourself and your family.

 Your very own paradise

Carefully curated by a team of international experts, Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion delivers quality vacation moments. The project’s condotel units have a private balcony with a spectacular sea view, allowing owners to enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion, a statement of luxury and style

The outdoor “chill” space yet still private is the unique highlight of the Ixora 2-bedroom condotels. Homeowners can enjoy relaxing moments with the open-air Jacuzzi, admiring the beauty of the ocean from above while receiving fresh energy from the incredibly blue sky and sea. Soaking in the Jacuzzi helps to ease tensions of the day. The soothing effect of the warm water and massaging action help relieve stresses, improve sleep quality and consume kcal equivalent to 30 minutes of walking. Meanwhile, the penthouse units with private swimming pools and breath-taking views stretching to the horizon would be enough to be dazzled.

Ixora villas are designed as a relaxing retreat amid a lively resort paradise. With open and seamless architecture, the villas connect all living spaces, including the living room, kitchen, and dining room, with nature, such as the outdoor swimming pool or green garden. From the villa, the owner can embrace the sea breeze or feel the waves crashing on the shore to relax the body. Furthermore, the sound of the waves changes the wave patterns in the brain, helping to rejuvenate the mind and sleep better. In particular, the reasonable background slope layout of the villas helps to optimize the view and ensure privacy while simultaneously enhancing the connection with nature and activating the happy hormone to balance the mind upon the pressures of city life.

Experience Southeast Asia’s biggest world class integrated resort

Owning a condotel or a vila of Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion, homebuyers can not only enjoy the world-class amenities inside the project but also experience a wealth of exclusive amenities at The Grand Ho Tram Strip.

With a scale of more than 80 hectares, The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip maintains its position as one of the best golf courses in the world, designed by Greg Norman, a true legend of the game. At the same time, a 5-star hotel cluster InterContinental Grand Ho Tram, Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach, a chain of 15 luxury restaurants and bars serving fine Eurasian cuisine, and eight large swimming pools allure all family members to relax, swim and play while other amenities including gym, swimming pools, water music center, cinema, shopping center, spas, and jukebox karaoke will create countless memorable moments during every owner’s vacation. Sports activities by the sea, such as rowing, beach volleyball, jogging, etc., will help regenerate energy. And, a modern water park will be added soon.

Experience world-class amenities at Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion.

With the above advantages, Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion will turn your vacation into a mesmerizing time to balance physical and mental health values. It will be a vacation that homeowners can take any time they want, thanks to the proximity to Ho Chi Minh City and Long Thanh International Airport. When the upcoming Long Thanh Airport is poised to serve, this second home will be an ideal place to make tranquility and re-energize after long flights. Owning a resort home at Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion also forms a healthy lifestyle amid nature while maintaining a sustainable investment value.


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