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Join hands for green nature

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The Tra Su cajuput forest is an ideal destination that attracts tourists from far and wide to visit and explore the marvelous world of birds in a cool and green atmosphere.

With good investment and conservation efforts in preserving rare bird species, this place is considered a valuable treasure that nature has generously bestowed upon, contributing to building a sustainable green tourism in the eyes of international tourists.

The forest is where cajuput trees stretch skyward to serve as a shelter for flocks of birds returning, creating a green canopy underneath so beautifully that could rise joyful melodies in the visitors’ heart. The beauty of this place offers tourists opportunities to indulge themselves in a vast, mysterious and green land while enjoying cool and fresh air as well as a peaceful natural scenery during a visit to this place.

White-winged storks flying gracefully in the twilight

Despite living in an area endowed with a rich and beautiful natural ecosystem, many people are indifferent to the lives of birds and storks. They engage in hunting and killing these species without any mercy. Many storks and birds cry in vain at midnight when they are trapped.

The poachers often catch storks from twilight to dawn, using various cunning methods, such as using nets to catch a flock of birds, imitating calls of nature to lure birds into traps, lacing bait with drugs, setting bird traps, or using hooks to catch prey like fishing.

Catching red-handed poachers in Tra Su

To cope with the bird extermination, forest management units, forest rangers, and local police have taken measures to prevent and handle many cases of trapping birds. However, the illegal bird hunting is increasingly complex partly because local residents believe that birds and fish are not possessed by anyone and are unaware that such actions are illegal. If the storks are unfortunately caught, most of them will end up on the dining table at nearby restaurants as a delicacy.

As a result of this, some bird species have disappeared during the migration season. In the face of the unforeseen consequences that seriously affect the natural living environment, causing ecological imbalance and reducing the number of wild bird species, Directive 04 issued by the prime minister on May 17, 2022 is considered an effective tool for those working in the field of wild bird protection to combat the rampant bird hunting.

All acts of hunting, killing, breeding, confining, storing, transporting, trading, and processing wild animals need to be detected and timely prevented. Depending on the nature and extent of the violation, poachers may face administrative fines ranging from VND1 million to VND400 million. Alternatively, the violating individuals may be subject to criminal charges on violating regulations on the management and protection of wildlife species. These measures are expected to contribute to conservating wild and migratory birds as well as preventing them from being hunted and exterminated.

Join hands for a cool green nature

By implementing such wildlife conservation measures, the kingdom of thousands of birds in Tra Su cajuput forest could be preserved intact, nurturing every single smallest individual. Thousands of birds and storks confidently fly into the peaceful sky, gracefully dancing in the air, singing their melodies in the sunshine and gently landing atop cajuput trees. Those amazing moments will satisfy those who long for immersing themselves in a natural world.


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