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Kinh Te Sai Gon Online launches new homepage on 16th anniversary

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – Kinh Te Sai Gon Online, a Vietnamese economic news website published by the Saigon Times Group, launched a newly designed homepage on January 3 to give readers a better reading experience.

The website revamp marks the 16th anniversary of Kinh Te Sai Gon Online (2008-2024) and focuses on a comprehensive coverage of current economic and business affairs.

The redesign highlights a new way information is distributed by Kinh Te Sai Gon Online.

The online newspaper is making a strong push towards new forms of journalism, such as multimedia content like videos and infographics, and is working to enhance reader engagement to keep up with evolving information consumption trends.

One of the major new features of the website is ChatKTSG with three virtual assistants which readers can chat with to search for information. The chatbots are color-coded to reflect their respective areas of expertise. For example, the orange bee is for real estate and infrastructure, the blue bee for finance and banking, and the yellow bee for tourism and destinations.

These AI assistants get their information from the extensive database of the Saigon Times Group.

ChatKTSG with three newly-launched chatbots uses the Saigon Times Group’s database to support Kinh Te Sai Gon Online readers to inquire about things they are interested in

In addition to the new look, many of the articles on Kinh Te Sai Gon Online can be converted into audio formats so that readers can listen while working.

Kinh Te Sai Gon Online is striving to improve journalism quality through the utilization of innovative technologies.

The editorial team is intensifying data analysis efforts to deliver timely information and meet readers’ demand for news and information.

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