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KMS Healthcare: Game-changing healthcare IT solutions

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KMS Technology introduced the KMS Healthcare business and software development center in Vietnam with 400 employees, focusing on healthcare software services and products. KMS Healthcare also established collaborations to support education and commit to participating in community activities to improve Vietnam’s quality of life and healthcare, and support sustainable development goals.

The global health-tech business is expanding rapidly, with a potential market value of US$200-300 billion and an annual growth rate of more than 20%. Care coordination, appointment scheduling, hospital bill payment, medical records, gadgets, analytics, and data-linking diagnostic support are just a few areas where software technology is making an impact within the health-tech industry.

Well-established in the healthcare industry, KMS, a software technology company, announced the establishment of the KMS Healthcare software service development center in Vietnam to provide advanced technical solutions and software applications and build solutions to healthcare’s most challenging problems. This group employs a team of 400 engineers and software developers working in two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

KMS Healthcare office

KMS has worked with healthcare and medical businesses in the United States since its start and has achieved significant success and expertise in this industry. The company’s engineers work with partners that market solutions that, for example, reduce the risk of mortality, recognize and treat various medical conditions, and improve administrative and payment processes. KMS Healthcare staff help address challenging technical problems regarding data interoperability, clinical trial enablement, AI-based treatment recommendations, and telemedicine. KMS Healthcare’s business, directly and indirectly, contributes to enhanced quality of life, better health outcomes, and reduced costs to deliver care.

With a 30% increase in its revenue and staff in 2022, KMS Healthcare now provides services and technology that impact 334 million people, and more than 100 million medical visits in the U.S. market via approximately 50 integrated platforms.

Vietnam’s healthcare sector holds potential due to demographic and socioeconomic changes. Its rapid economic development has increased the demand for higher-quality healthcare services, particularly among the expanding middle class. To meet the growing demands of the Vietnamese and international healthcare markets, KMS Healthcare will establish a more all-encompassing strategy in operations and increase the size of its engineering teams. The delivery center of KMS Healthcare aims to recruit a thousand jobs in the next five years, and develop great industry knowledge with the local engineering talents. Combining mature and emerging health tech in the United States, the company is determined to improve the healthcare industry in Vietnam in the near future.

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