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Kusto Home’s journey to spread community values

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After nearly two decades active in Vietnam, Kusto Home no longer limits its operations to revenue and profit, as it has in recent years bolstered its commitment to the community in terms of both creating a sustainable ecosystem within its properties and lending a helping hand to disadvantaged people.

The property developer, while seeking to bring nature into its resort-styled residential buildings to help ease the urban stress for residents, has also managed to build a sustainable community by promoting a green, healthy lifestyle via corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that combine both exercises and philanthropy.

Sustainability for the community

Kusto Home’s journey of sustainability is mirrored in its strategy to develop nature-filled apartments for homebuyers alongside its contributions to the community.

Since last year, Kusto Home has launched several sports events combined with philanthropy so as to raise awareness of the community spirit among participants on one hand and to make donations to the community on the other hand. A prominent event is the Dare to Run virtual running event organized this year by Kusto Home in collaboration with the VnExpress news site and Hope Foundation, raising funds for building a concrete bridge in the northern upland province of Son La.

The Dare to Run is an online event designed to make it convenient, easy to join but efficient for participants. At any time of the day, runners can record their running/walking efforts, indoors or outdoors, and given such records, Kusto Home will extract a sum of VND2,000 for each kilometer covered from its own budget to finance the bridge-building project.

Within one month upon the announcement, the online event attracted 2,200 participants, and Kusto Home donated VND200 million towards the bridge construction. The bridge in Hin Pen village, is being built in Dua Mon Commune, Song Ma District.

The bridge project, which costs an estimated VND380 million, got off the ground on October 20, and is scheduled for completion early next year. Of the total investment, Kusto Home and the Hope Foundation contributed VND340 million, with the balance contributed by local authorities.

Local officials said the old wooden bridge spanning the stream there has badly deteriorated, posing risks to local villagers and students. The new bridge, once in place, will facilitate travel for local residents in eight villages in Dua Mon Commune, with a population of 2,500.

“Local people are very happy with the new bridge project, which will not only improve the livelihoods of residents but also contribute to socio-economic development in Dua Mon Commune,” said a representative of the grassroots authority.

Locals and representatives join an event to start work on the new bridge in Dua Mon Commune – PHOTO: VNEXPRESS

Earlier, Kusto Home also served as a partner in Coteccons Quang Binh Marathon 2022 with an aim to raise funds for reforestation and environmental protection in the central province.

The company, which has developed two property projects named Urban Green and Diamond Island in Thu Duc City, has also sought to make practical contributions to the local community. As a Silver Sponsor of the Thu Duc Open Golf Tournament, Kusto Home has contributed VND500 million to the city’s Fund for the Poor, whose mandates are to support poor, disadvantaged people in Thu Duc.

In such sporting events with the participation of Kusto Home, positive, sustainable values have all been integrated, with an aim to bring about benefits for the community and the environment. That approach has been constantly incorporated in the company’s business journey.

Sustainability in property projects

As a sustainability-minded property developer, Kusto Home does not merely pursue profitability, as the company has managed to ensure natural values and health for all homebuyers.

In both Urban Green and Diamond Island apartment projects, Kusto Home reserved a sizeable proportion of space for greenery and amenities to create the best living environment for residents.

While Diamond Island is deemed as a high-end apartment project offering riverview homes for residents, Urban Green, as its name indicates, creates a multi-layer green space with shadows all the year round for homeowners. The project’s central park and amenities entice residents to engage in outdoor physical exercises.

A view of the ecological swimming pool at Urban Green

The company said that in developing condo projects, Kusto Home always seeks to bridge the gap between residents and nature and create a perfect balance between the green space and architectural works. This “DNA” will be further manifested in The Reflection West Lake, a new property project to be developed in Hanoi by Kusto Home in 2024.

The young generation in Vietnam tends to look for new experiential lifestyles, and many developers in Vietnam often seek to meet such demands by creating new styles. However, whenever developing a new project, Kusto Home does not seek to adapt to new styles, but seeks to create future-proof values for customers in pursuit of sustainability.

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