Wednesday,  Jan 23, 2019,15:04 (GMT+7) 0 0
Celebrate Tet with “Xuc xac xuc xe” music video
Sunday,  Jan 20, 2019,07:16 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Before giving red envelopes became customary on Lunar New Year holiday (Tet), Vietnamese children got lucky money in a very specific way. They went around the village, sang the folk song “Xuc xac xuc xe” with clanging sounds from two bamboo tubes filled with coins on hands, and sometimes knocked their neighbors’ doors expecting lucky money.
Wednesday,  Jan 16, 2019,12:19 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Famous Vietnamese pianist Dang Thai Son shared the stage with the Korean Symphony Orchestra (KSO) at a concert at the Hanoi Opera House on Monday.
Tuesday,  Jan 15, 2019,16:25 (GMT+7)
HCMC - French artist Guilhem Desq will stage a solo performance at the French cultural center L'Espace in Hanoi on January 19, starting at 8 p.m., to introduce hurdy gurdy, a thousand-year-old musical instrument, to Hanoi’s audience.
Monday,  Jan 14, 2019,15:30 (GMT+7)
HCMC – A Tchaikovsky concert took place at the Saigon Opera House on January 13 as the inaugural performance of the Saigon Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (SPYO) in collaboration with Amberstone Media, the Conservatory of Music in HCMC and the Saigon Philharmonic Orchestra.
Monday,  Jan 14, 2019,14:56 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The HCMC Ballet will revive its contemporary dance work Café Saigon in the Saigon Opera House on January 19. It was first created last summer in collaboration with the Gotra Dance Company from Maastricht in the Netherlands. 
Saturday,  Jan 12, 2019,10:55 (GMT+7)
HCMC - This was an extraordinary event, unanticipated and most unusual. I’d had no idea what to expect from a “New Year Gala Rock Symphony”, and pop numbers arranged for orchestra didn’t encourage high hopes. Pop music, after all, gains its strength from its rawness and unambiguous energy, whereas a symphony orchestra is the quintessence of civilization and even restraint. How could the two possibly coalesce?
Sunday,  Jan 6, 2019,10:34 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The 10th Latin American Music Gala was organized in Hanoi on January 4 to mark the 60th anniversary of Cuba’s revolution and welcome the new year, the Vietnam News Agency reports.
Saturday,  Jan 5, 2019,09:03 (GMT+7)
HCMC - A new production of the operetta The Merry Widow , the ballet Rite of Spring , revivals of the opera Der Freischutz and the ballets Café Saigon , Giselle and Cinderella , and a contemporary dance show, Vet Loang , to music by Nguyen Manh Duy Linh – the HCMC Ballet, Symphony Orchestra and Opera (HBSO) has taken the unusual step of announcing its program for almost the whole of 2019.
Thursday,  Jan 3, 2019,15:48 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam will hold the JF Garage Concert No.19 in Hanoi on Sunday, January 13 to introduce Japan’s traditional instruments Shakuhachi and Shamisen.
Tuesday,  Jan 1, 2019,13:02 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Korean pianist Ji Sung Lee will hold a charitable concert at the Auditorium of the French cultural center L’Espace in Hanoi on Thursday, January 3, starting at 8 p.m.
Saturday,  Dec 29, 2018,14:55 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Two-time Grammy Award winner trumpeter Cuong Vu and Vietnamese classical instrumental artist Van-Anh Vo (Vanessa Vo), the latter being an Emmy Award winner who has introduced traditional Vietnamese music all over the world, will perform at Soul Live Project Complex in District 3 of HCMC next month.
Friday,  Dec 28, 2018,12:55 (GMT+7)
HCMC - How well can a symphony orchestra mimic a rock band? The answer will be clear on January 9 when HBSO mount their New Year Gala “Rock Symphony” concert.
Wednesday,  Dec 19, 2018,15:54 (GMT+7)
HCMC - The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam will hold the JF Garage Concert No.18 featuring The Flying Clef Quintet in Hanoi on Friday, December 28, starting at 8 p.m. 
Wednesday,  Dec 19, 2018,15:26 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Cao Dinh Thang, a Vietnamese student at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, has won third prize at a music festival in Russia for wind instruments, the Vietnam News Agency reports.
Sunday,  Dec 16, 2018,09:26 (GMT+7)
HCMC - Favorite singers My Tam, Hari Won and Huong Giang, together with MC Lieu Ha Trinh, actress and director Viet Trinh, and director Le Hoang gathered at the “Ngoc Dung my hoi” (Ngoc Dung beauty day) program held by Ngoc Dung beauty salon chain at Adora Center in HCMC on December 14.
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