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Local airlines may reject smart carry-ons

By N. Tan

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HCMC – Local airlines may refuse to accept smart carry-on bags that are equipped with lithium-ion batteries unless they meet international aviation safety standards.

Smart suitcases that feature lithium-ion batteries and innovative sensors to automatically follow owners and avoid obstacles at airports are gaining popularity. However, Vietnam Airlines, the national flag carrier, emphasizes the importance of safety and the prevention of fire and explosion risks.

The airline advises passengers with smart carry-on bags to provide detailed information about the batteries, including weight, capacity, and whether they are removable or non-removable. Based on this information, the airline will decide whether to accept the luggage or not.

Smart suitcases equipped with removable lithium-ion batteries and a maximum capacity of 300 Wh will be permitted as carry-ons. If passengers wish to check them in, the batteries must be removed and brought into the aircraft cabin. However, luggage containing removable lithium-ion batteries with a capacity exceeding 300 Wh will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Vietnam Airlines will allow smart bags with non-removable batteries, provided they have a maximum capacity of 2.7 Wh or contain no more than 0.3 grams of lithium. These bags can be carried on or checked in, as long as the batteries are turned off.

However, luggage that contains non-removable lithium batteries with a metal-lithium content exceeding 0.3 grams for lithium-metal batteries or 2.7 Wh for lithium-ion batteries will not be permitted on the national flag carrier.

Furthermore, if the specifications of the batteries are not clearly stated, the airline will not accept the luggage under any circumstance.

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