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Lotus in blooming season

Text & photos by Hoang Le

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Come summer, and it’s lotus blooming season in the 650-year-old La Chu Village, bedecked in pink and white.

Located in Huong Chu Commune, Huong Tra Township, it is about 12 kilometers from downtown Hue City.

As the blossoming lotus flowers are situated next to the ripe rice fields, for tourists visiting La Chu Village, it’s interesting to watch the blooming lotus flowers while farmers work on the rice and lotus fields in the early morning.

Lotus flowers bloom while rice ripens in La Chu Village
Farmers harvest lotus seeds and flowers
In another corner, many people capture beautiful moments with lotus flowers in the early morning
The elderly walk for exercise early in the morning
People go across the lotus fields
Kids go to school…
… while women go to the market
Tea is scented in fresh lotus flowers
In La Chu Village and other places in Hue, there are pink lotus flowers…
…and white lotus flowers
White lotus flowers
On summer days, the lotus fields in La Chu Village are an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists

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