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Lucaris and the creative journey, inspiring elegance in refined wine enjoyment

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Established in 2009, Lucaris has achieved numerous milestones in the market with its impressive, high-quality crystal collections, particularly its unique and diverse lines of wine glasses. Embracing the message “Passionate Craft for Life,” each crystal glass crafted by Lucaris’ artisans carries distinct value, enhancing the pleasure of wine appreciation.

Through insights shared by Ms. Nutchavinee Nikhomchaiprasert, Executive Marketing Director of Ocean Glass Public Company Limited, the brand’s passionately driven creative story unfolds, inviting consumers into the realm of wine enthusiasts and those who appreciate a challenge.

Unlimited Creativity and Development

– What is Lucaris’ foundational design philosophy?

Through modern Asian artistry, Lucaris aims to provide a profoundly enriching living experience for connoisseurs. Redefining the art of wine dining, the brand’s crystal glasses blend contemporary aesthetics with the rich cultural heritage of Asia.

Each product line signifies relentless passion and innovation, elevating taste and aroma while accurately capturing various wines’ distinctive colors and movement. In essence, Lucaris’ glasses “tell” stories of wine appreciation, honoring the knowledge and experience of their owners.

– In the diverse cultural mosaic, what elements help Lucaris assert its position in the competitive crystal crafting industry?

Lucaris can be likened to an ever-moving machine. The brand acknowledges the evolution of trends and consumer behavior, consistently seeking innovative solutions that align with stringent standards. Lucaris observes competitors, surveys customers, and anticipates future inclinations, internally investing in materials and technology and expanding the boundaries of crystal glass art.

Lucaris’ successful collaborations include “Desire” as an example, a collection developed in partnership with the Hong Kong Sommelier Association – Greater China. Aerlumer Innovation, intricately engraved under the glass base, creates mesmerizing swirls when the glass is rotated. This unique design stimulates the wine micro-oxidation process, enhancing its layers of flavor and making the tasting experience truly exceptional.

Thanks to modern technology and a unique identity, the Desire collection has earned prestigious awards, such as the “Contemporary Good Design Award 2017,” “iF Design Award 2018,” and “Golden Pin Design Award 2020.”

The Desire collection stands out with Aerlumer Innovation

Let the Glass Whisper Elegance

– Lucaris’ strategies for collaboration and asserting uniqueness have successfully captivated Asia’s connoisseurs. In Vietnam, a market full of potential, what observations has the brand made to maintain its leading position?

Current research with target customers in Vietnam reveals that wine symbolizes nobility and upper-class sophistication. Red and white wines have become integral to various social events, business gatherings, and formal family dinners, transcending from a mere beverage to a passion embraced across age groups and social strata.

With the promising consumption potential and openness to innovative products and brands in Vietnam, Lucaris is confidently entering the market. They bring artistry in glass crafting with collections like Lifestyle (Hong Kong Hip, Lavish, Shanghai Soul, Tokyo Temptation, and Bangkok Bliss) and Master’s Choices (The Elements, Desire RIMS, and GRAN). These collections, marked by exceptional product quality, durability, and impressive design, offer suitable options for different wine varieties and occasions.

Lucaris expects that the sophisticated elegance of crystal glasses and the cultural fusion between East and West will bring a sense of freedom, openness, and enduring luxury to Vietnamese connoisseurs. Each glass is envisioned as a source of pride for its owner, a whispered expression of refinement for the discerning elite.

Mr. Nelson Chow, President of Hong Kong Sommelier Association – Greater China in Lucaris Master Class event

– Lucaris’ market expansion strategy in Vietnam appears systematic. The message “Passionate Craft for Life” has yielded positive results. What activities will Lucaris introduce in Vietnam in the future?

To better introduce the collections to the Vietnamese market, Lucaris organized a Master Class event led by Mr. Nelson Chow, President of the Hong Kong – China Sommelier Association. Here, guests learned about the perfect pairing of crystal glasses with various wine types and how to select complementary dishes for a harmonious taste.

This event marked a milestone in Lucaris’ plans for the Vietnamese market, as the brand aims to provide experiences of culinary artistry and top-notch glass craftsmanship. The positive feedback regarding the glasses’ design finesse, competitive pricing, and brilliant transparency and clarity further motivates Lucaris to enhance awareness of wine appreciation and crystal glass aesthetics in Vietnam. Additionally, Lucaris plans to participate in culinary wine events, offering intriguing suggestions for pairing premium wines with global flavors.

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