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MAFC dedicated to leaving no one behind amid pandemic

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Considering corporate social responsibility (CSR) as one of its core values, Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam (MAFC) is not an outsider to the country’s battle against Covid-19. Since the pandemic has not only turned everything upside down, but also pushed many people into destitution, the finance company has unhesitatingly initiated community-oriented activities to support the needy, from poor people to employees and customers, to leave no one behind during the tough time.

Joining hands with the Government

Needless to say, the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which emerged in Vietnam in late April, has paralyzed the country’s economy. Understanding the importance of the Covid vaccine in bringing all activities back on track and responding to the Government’s call for contributions to the combat against Covid-19, Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam quickly rolled up its sleeves to join the fight.

The firm donated VND1 billion to the national Covid vaccine fund in July this year, in a hope to help speed up the country’s vaccination drive and prevent death and severe illness amid the escalating Covid pandemic.

With such a prompt contribution, the company expects to help the country quickly restore the economy after reaching herd immunity with Covid.

A Covid-hit customer registers to benefit from the “Restructuring debt” program launched by Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam

Easing financial difficulties for Covid-hit customers

At Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam, customers are recognized as its top priority. As soon as the pandemic broke out in the country, the firm quickly launched the “Debt Restructuring” program to lower interest rates and extend loan tenures for customers to help them ease their financial burden during the challenging time.

As of the first week of October this year, the firm had rescheduled debt payments and reduction and exemption of rates worth some VND25 billion to over 30,000 customers. The program is set to last until the end of the year, aimed at supporting some 62,000 Covid-affected customers.

Furthermore, MAFC has rolled out its digital onboarding process (DOP) solution through the My Finance app, which allows customers to easily access various installment loans from MAFC at home.

Safeguarding employees during the pandemic

Manpower plays a key role in the success of a company, so MAFC has always attached much importance to the health of its employees, especially during the pandemic. Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam has striven to get a part of its employees vaccinated against Covid as the vaccine helps protect themselves and their families and bring them back to work.

Last but not least, Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam has also given financial support to its employees who are infected with Covid or have close contact with confirmed Covid cases to relieve them of financial worries about treatment and quarantine. The firm has spent over VND120 million supporting more than 50 employees who are Covid patients and close contacts of positive cases.

“I am very pleased and grateful to hear that the firm has offered financial support to me for a part of Covid treatment fees. Though the firm’s business operations have, more or less, been affected negatively by the pandemic, it still cares about its employees,” shared Tuan Viet, a MAFC employee, who has recovered from the disease.

With a desire to leave no one behind, Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam has redoubled its efforts to deliver help to the needy through its community activities. The South Korean firm strongly believes that moving forward together will create the most positive value. As an active member in the CSR field, MAFC is moving towards creating shared values in pursuit of sustainability.

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