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Majestic cascade in northwestern region

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Hang De Cho Waterfall in Tram Tau, Yen Bai Province, is said to be the most majestic waterfall in Vietnam’s northwestern region. From the village of the same name, tourists have to spend more than one hour trekking through corn and rice fields and streams to go to the 60-meter high cascade.

At the foot of cascade is a lake with cool crystal clear water which is perfect for swimming after the long walk. The area surrounding the waterfall is always cool due to droplets of water which are sent by the waterfall into the air.

Mong ethnic people living in the environs of Hang De Cho consider it their natural protection. The waterfall supplies them with water for their fields and daily activities, they say to visitors.

…and terraced rice fields
A tourist is immersed himself in the beauty of waterfall
Rocks are covered with green grass at the foot of the cascade
The water from the cascade flows to streams that provide water for local villages

By Hai Duong

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