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Masan High-Tech Materials certified as a “Great Place to Work” in 2023

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Masan High-Tech Materials has recently earned the “Great Place to Work – Vietnam” 2023 certification by Great Place to Work®, an international organization specializing in workplace culture. This recognition highlights the company’s integral human resources development strategy and serves as a testament to the significance of investing in people and creating an inclusive and fair work environment in which everyone can thrive.

Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT), the owner of Nui Phao mine in Dai Tu, Thai Nguyen Province, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech materials with over 2,200 employees working in Vietnam and its production facilities globally (Germany, Canada, and China).

As a Vietnamese company having a global presence, Masan High-Tech Materials aspires to make substantial investments in its human capital and pursues a “people-first” strategy. The company not only ensures transparent and attractive employee rewards and recognition but also fosters an environment where everyone is inspired to be creative, make contributions, and reach their full potential.

‘Love Shutdown’ program supports production staff during annual equipment maintenance

According to the Great Place to Work survey results, 90% of employees consider Masan High-Tech Materials a trustworthy workplace, and 92% express a desire to have a long-term commitment and feel proud to share about the company with others. 96% of surveyed employees reported satisfaction and a sense of belonging upon joining the company. Furthermore, 91% expressed confidence in the transparent and inspiring leadership of the management team.

Without Management’s vision and people-focused strategy, Masan High-Tech Materials couldn’t have such wonderful survey results. Throughout the year, the company conducts regular dialogues with its workforce to publicly share business results, enabling employees to understand the company’s financial performance and to get answered on policies and company development plans. As a result, 91% of employees expressed confidence in the leadership’s openness and clear growth strategy. They also acknowledged fair treatment and respect in the workplace.

Yoga program every Friday at MHT

In 2022, the company organized hundreds of training sessions, totaling over 46,000 hours, attracting 24,250 participants. Apart from professional skills, these training sessions focused on developing soft skills, enhancing job efficiency, and improving communication and collaboration abilities of the employees. The company also provided clear career paths for competent employees who actively contribute to the company’s growth.

Beyond career development and job performance, MHT management encourages and supports employees in balancing work and life. Understanding the employees’ desires outside the workplace, the company offers flexible work schedules, comprehensive healthcare programs, regular outings, and sports activities such as yoga and running. Competitive compensation packages are also ensured.

The MHT football tournament is held annually

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Masan High-Tech Materials focuses not only on business growth but also on the development of a civilized and prosperous community. The company contributes over VND1,000 billion to the state budget, US$1 million to Thai Nguyen Province for development of socio-economic and cultural activities, and employs thousands of local workers. Over the past decade, the company has spent over VND4 billion on educational support, benefiting more than 2,500 students. Additionally, by promoting sustainable practices and technological initiatives that minimize environmental impact, MHT has demonstrated that commercial activities can coexist with social responsibility and sustainable development, a fact acknowledged by 93% of the surveyed employees.

Mr. Craig Bradshaw, CEO of Masan High-Tech Materials, shared: “We firmly believe that a great workplace is defined not just by financial success, but also from creating an environment where everyone is respected and encouraged to grow. The ‘Great Place to Work®’ certification is more than just recognition; it motivates Masan High-Tech Materials to keep nurturing a fair, transparent, and happy work environment”.

Carry out social responsibility to the community

Great Place to Work® is a global organization focusing on workplace culture, with over 30 years of experience in data research and business culture certification. The mission of Great Place to Work® is to help every workplace become a great place to work for all. Great Place to Work® surveys and the Trust Model© make it easy to survey employee experiences and uncover actionable insights. This enables businesses to be recognized for their great company culture and get the opportunity to be featured among the “Best Places to Work” in the region and globally.

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