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Mekong Delta faces possible water shortage

By Truc Dao

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HCMC – The Mekong Delta is facing potential water shortages due to prolonged drought and seawater intrusion, a situation that may persist until the dry season of 2024-2025, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The El Nino phenomenon is expected to extend into the early months of 2024, coinciding with saltwater intrusion, which places the Mekong Delta at high risk of experiencing water shortages for agricultural production and fish farming, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

These adverse weather conditions could have detrimental effects on the agricultural and fishery production of the affected provinces.

Ca Mau Province, for instance, has more than 300,000 hectares of water surface dedicated to fish farming, with 280,000 hectares specifically allocated for shrimp cultivation. The province also relies on over 35,000 hectares for rice farming in freshwater areas, primarily in the regions of Tran Van Thoi, Thoi Binh, U Minh districts, and parts of Ca Mau City.

In response, the Departments of Natural Resources and Environment and relevant agencies in Mekong Delta provinces have been tasked with providing regular updates on the hydrometeorological situation and saltwater intrusion to localities, helping them prepare response plans. These departments should also offer specific guidance on seasonal schedules for farming, seed structure, and technical procedures for plant, animal, and fishery care tailored to specific areas.

Local authorities are encouraged to explore raising funds from the private sector to implement immediate measures to combat and prevent losses resulting from drought, water shortages, and saltwater intrusion.

To mitigate the negative impacts of adverse weather conditions, authorities will prioritize the enhancement and expansion of water supply systems and accelerate efforts on water irrigation projects, particularly freshwater reservoirs in U Minh Ha.

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