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Men of the sea

By Thu Huong

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Co To and Quan Lan are some of the islands in northeastern Vietnam’s waters. They are not only favorite tourist destinations but also a hub of fisheries in the region.

Visiting fishing villages on the islands off the northern province of Quang Ninh, tourists can be inspired by fishermen’s livelihoods. They, of course, are proficient at offshore fishing. Moreover, they can earn a living by doing other things. They go to the wholesale market in the early morning to buy and sell aqua products. From noon, they are seen at ports, working as a motorbike taxi driver. They also do loading and unloading works apart from net mending, among others.

In the late afternoon, the fishermen with tanned skin sit together on the boat side to chitchat, celebrating a hard-working day.

Loading motorbikes for people who want to bring their motorbikes from the mainland to the island and vice versa
A group of motorbike taxi drivers waits for guests at the port
Fishermen mend their nets after a trip of offshore fishing
The old man brings with him a fishing rod to the beach on Co To Island to fish gobies
Clams and mussels are assorted and weighed, ready to be transported to the market
A fisherman collects crabs for sale
Men ride three-wheel motorbikes carrying passengers on Quan Lan Island
A man on Quan Lan Island dismantles an old ship for taking scrap and wood
Men go squid fishing in Bai Tu Long Bay
Removing the nets after a long trip
A group of fishermen sit together on the side of the boat to chitchat

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