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Mr. Tran Kim Chung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of C.T Group: Focusing on investment for the young generation

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At the conference “Dialogue 2045”, held in the afternoon of March 6, Mr. Tran Kim Chung, Chairman of the Board of Directors of C.T Group, said that it is necessary to focus on investing for the young generation. In his opinions, until 2045, it will be a huge shortcoming if we do not take young people into consideration.

Mr. Chung shared that according to the vision to 2045, C.T Group will focus on six major programs, which start with the program on developing affordable houses for young people, and developing talented young human resources; then, forming urban areas for young people around big cities; participating in mobilizing and contributing capital to the Ho Chi Minh City high-speed railway to Western provinces; building satellite megacities around Ho Chi Minh City; developing four leading high-tech start-up companies: Fintech, Proptech, Cell Tech, and Flytech. Until now, the technical infrastructure of two companies has been completed, together with the city preventing inundation and building a green environment by restoring the project of Vinh Loc ecological lake in Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City, and developing a digital bank specializing in export support.

According to Mr. Chung’s explanation, C.T Group’s programs have been developed based on the long-standing strengths of our country such as Vietnam’s geographical location, Vietnam’s population and Vietnamese intelligence.

Accordingly, Mr. Chung proposed the government to support enterprises to build the “invest in Vietnam” brand on global media such as Bloomberg, CNN, capitalizing on the opportunity that Vietnam is a bright spot of preventing Covid pandemic, economic growth in the world, etc. In addition, it is advised that the Government strongly accompany enterprises to immediately solve hiccups in administrative procedures and guide enterprises to sustainably develop and tap the world market. In the short-term period, it is necessary to quickly complete a comprehensive legal framework on PPP.

In addition, the Government needs to strongly invest in activities supporting young people with intelligence and aspirations; quickly complete the legal framework for development and application of Celltech and Flytech because there is currently no legal framework regarding such respects.

In particular, investment should strongly focus on transport infrastructure from Ho Chi Minh City to the Western provinces, developing educational infrastructure for the Mekong Delta to develop future human resources.

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