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Natural allure on Nghe Islet

By Khuong Nhut Minh

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Nghe Islet of Hon Nghe Commune, Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province, beckons travelers with its unspoiled charm and natural allure. Combining fish farming with tourism, the island offers a distinctive and captivating experience for visitors.

Spanning nearly four square kilometers, Nghe Islet is composed of sandstone and limestone formations, encircled by crystalline blue water. Once a sparsely inhabited islet, its abundant marine life has attracted a growing population over the years. The introduction of a national power grid in 2017 further enhanced local livelihoods, drawing the attention of tourists seeking to explore its pristine shores.

Nghe Islet boasts a serene landscape, characterized by untouched natural beauty and dotted with small rocky beaches. Although its beaches are not expansive, the sea remains clean and clear, inviting tourists to indulge in refreshing swims and leisurely sunbathing on soft sands.

Beaches on Nghe Islet boast clean and clear sea water

The main tourist attractions on Nghe Islet are concentrated around Da Chuong Cape, notably featuring Lien Ton Co Pagoda. This unique architectural marvel, facing the sea on three sides, is adorned with a majestic 20-meter-high Guanyin statue. The islet is renowned for its expansive limestone cave system, including notable formations like Diamond, Gia Long, and Phat Co Don caves.

Beyond its tourism potential, Nghe Islet’s marine surface area lends itself well to fish farming, making it a hub for such an activity in Kien Giang Province. The proliferation of farming fish in submerged cages has significantly uplifted the living standards of local residents. For visitors, this presents an opportunity to partake in sea fishing activities, indulge in delicious seafood, and gain insights into the lives of local fishermen. Notably, seafood prices on the islet are affordable, allowing visitors to relish their meals without breaking the bank.

Nghe Islet encapsulates the essence of natural beauty and cultural heritage, offering a tranquil retreat for travelers seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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