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Nature bleeding

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In addition to the exquisite beauty of the marshland often known as a green paradise, Tra Su cajuput forest is also home to a myriad of fauna and flora growing harmoniously together and creating a bustling atmosphere every morning. A valuable reward for those who tirelessly protect the lives of wild birds is the incessant symphony when they celebrate beautiful nature and cherish life with heartfelt melodies.

However, the treasure of Tra Su is being threatened by the rampant stork poaching which often takes place at midnight. The more commitments and cares the investor offers to protect and nurture species in the forest, the more poachers challenge the law.

Forest management units in collaboration with forest rangers and local police conducted a recent inspection to catch red-handed these poachers, giving them warnings and applying strict sanctions on such violations. Despite the above measures, innocent birds are still being killed and storks are being trapped in nets or shot dead. Hopefully, there will be specific regulations and strict sanctions to eliminate the issue of bird extermination and protect the diverse natural ecosystem.

Catching a poacher red-handed
Stork extermination becomes alarming

The extermination of birds has now become a profitable business for many people in the peripheral areas of Tra Su. Plucking the feathers of live birds, processing and peddling them at markets, many eateries near Tra Su forest consider bird meat a specialty to attract customers, catering to the weird tastes of many people at the expense of the desperate cries of various species of storks. More cruelly, bait birds with eyes sewn shut are used to lure wild birds. When birds swoop down to eat, they will fall into a trap which poachers already set up.

The amazing nature painting is woven from lovely white wings

The natural scenery, the habitat of the species endemic to the Tra Su cajuput forest ecosystem, needs to be carefully protected and preserved. The beauty of Tra Su will embrace anyone who enjoys exploring and seeking to live in simplicity and love poetic landscapes. Visiting Tra Su offers you opportunities to immerse yourself in the green water and a stunning scenery blended with vibrant natural elements.

In the peaceful Tra Su cajuput forest, birds and fish have coexisted for hundreds of years. This is why these species return to the habitat and reproduce at this place, creating a unique and rich carpet of plants. Visitors will be impressed when encountering the elegant Indian peafowl with its precious blue-green feathers, quietly strolling with herons on lotus leaves, or the image of birds nesting and laying eggs on a layer of hyacinths floating on the water.

Storks stay alert amidst rampant poaching

It is truly fortunate to admire the nature painting woven from the wings of various species in the evening with red clouds. White storks, green forests and cool breeze will help refresh your soul and mind, creating a peaceful picture that can touch anyone’s heart.

It is hoped in the future that the issue of killing birds for personal gains will be pushed back and poachers will realize the significance of all species’ lives in the environment.

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