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New workplace trends

By Do An

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Employees in Vietnam prioritize learning opportunities, corporate culture, and compensation in their job selection. A recent report titled “The Future of Work,” conducted by The Sentry and Decision Lab, sheds light on the factors that matter most to employees in Hanoi and HCMC when choosing their employers. Among the 503 individuals surveyed, nearly half of them placed a high emphasis on the availability of learning opportunities. The report, which surveyed professionals across various sectors, including technology, education, manufacturing, and construction, offers valuable insights into the prevailing trends shaping the present and future work environment. Following learning opportunities, “corporate culture” and “income and benefits” emerged as the second most important considerations for job seekers, with 46% of respondents expressing their agreement for each category. Nevertheless, these preferences vary among different demographic groups. While a majority of Generation Z members, currently aged between 14 and 26, are keen on enhancing their skills through education, individuals aged 27 to 42, belonging to Generation Y, prioritize financial security and benefits as their top concerns. Analysts suggest this difference is because Gen Z is at the early stages of their careers and eager to learn and grow, while Gen Y is well-established in their jobs […]
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