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Nine Vietnam exporters suspended from shipping tra fish to China

By Trung Chanh

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CAN THO – Nine local tra fish exporters have been suspended from shipping the fish to China after many of their batches were found infected with Covid by the northern neighbor’s customs.

A deputy general director of a local tra fish exporter said that the Chinese customs had temporarily stopped nine tra fish firms in Vietnam from exporting the fish to the country.

Earlier, China discovered the packaging of tra fish batches exported from Vietnam containing the virus, so the country suspended multiple local tra fish exporters.

The period of suspension depends on the number of containers of tra fish found infected with Covid. A container discovered infected with Covid means the Chinese side will suspend its owner for a week.

“The firm has three containers of tra fish found infected with Covid, thereby being suspended for three weeks,” the deputy general director said.

The Chinese customs is overseeing all steps conducted by Vietnamese exporters of tra fish and tightening anti-Covid measures to prevent the spread of Covid into the country.

Many local tra fish exporters are hesitating to ship the fish to China due to fears of losses as tra fish containers worth VND1.1-1.2 billion each found infected with Covid will be returned.

Statistics from the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers indicate that Vietnam exported seafood worth US$578 million to China between January and April, up 94% year-on-year. The export revenue of tra fish accounted for 53% of the total value of seafood shipments to the neighbor.

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