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Northern Vietnam grapples with electricity shortage as heatwave intensifies

By Minh Anh

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HCMC – The extreme heat wave in northern Vietnam is intensifying and resulting in a surge in electricity demand and posing a pressing challenge for the power supply sector, according to the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (ERA).

Reports from the ERA indicate that from July 1 to July 9, northern provinces have been experiencing sweltering temperatures, ranging from 37 to 38 degrees Celsius.

This prolonged heat wave has led to a significant increase in electricity consumption. On July 7, the peak power demand in the northern region reached an astonishing 23,094 megawatts, resulting in an electricity consumption of nearly 466 million kilowatts per hour.

Nationally, the average daily electricity output during this period was 853.3 million kilowatts per hour, representing a week-on-week increase of around 45.7 million kilowatts per hour. The maximum power capacity was an impressive 45,305 megawatts, the highest recorded so far this year, and an increase of nearly 3,483 megawatts from the previous week.

Last week, the hydrological conditions in the northern reservoirs improved, allowing the power system to meet the additional load requirements. The multi-purpose hydroelectric plants in the northern region have been optimized to support the increased electricity demand and ensure the availability of power.

In the southern region, hydropower plants have also been effectively managed, considering the actual hydrological conditions, to ensure a stable electricity supply.

To address the situation and ensure a reliable electricity supply, appropriate water level limits have been calculated and adjusted based on the operating conditions of the power system and the water needs of the local areas.

The inter-reservoir coordination process has been implemented to guarantee a sufficient water supply for electricity generation and to meet the water demands until the end of the dry season in 2023.

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