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Opportunities in uncertain times

By Tam Pham

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With promising macroeconomic indicators, financial investors are poised for a rewarding 2024. Nevertheless, in a landscape riddled with potential uncertainties, crafting a robust investment portfolio becomes imperative for safeguarding the achievements. Cautious enthusiasm As we step into 2024, investors carry a sense of enthusiasm, driven by the promising macroeconomic indicators. Analysts are increasingly confident in the possibility of major economies, such as the United States and Europe, shifting their monetary policies. Meanwhile, China and Japan are set to maintain their economic stimulus strategies. In Vietnam, where macroeconomic stability was upheld throughout 2023, the market is cautiously optimistic, expecting a year with fewer adverse external factors. During a discussion titled “Navigating Investments in 2024,” jointly organized by Vietnam Wealth Advisors (VWA) and the Finance and Business Channel, Nguyen Minh Tuan, CEO of AFA Capital, emphasized that despite the optimism surrounding policies, global economic dynamics remain susceptible to non-market risks. In 2024, uncertainties loom large with elections in influential countries, ongoing geopolitical conflicts, and an ever- evolving landscape. Echoing this sentiment, Tran Le Minh, general director of Vietnam Investment Credit Rating Company (VIS Rating), cautioned against being overly optimistic about positive macroeconomic signs. Given the current era of global unpredictability, investors are […]
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