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Over 200 tons of fish die en masse in Dong Nai

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – The protracted drought has led to a drastic drop in the water levels of Song May Lake in Dong Nai Province, leaving over 200 tons of fish dead, according to local media reports.

This is the first time that fish farmers in the vicinity of Song May Lake have encountered such serious losses, said a representative of the local government.

The dead fish, floating on the lake’s surface and becoming decomposed, emit a noxious odor that pervades the surrounding area.

Situated across the communes of Bac Son, Binh Minh, Song Trau, and Trang Bom town in Trang Bom district, Song May Lake serves as a vital irrigation reservoir for hundreds of hectares of rice fields in Trang Bom and Vinh Cuu districts.

According to the local government, an irrigational works company has been undertaking a project to renovate, repair, and dredge Song May Lake since the beginning of the year.

Initially aiming to maintain a water volume of approximately one million cubic meters to sustain the lake’s aquatic life, the prolonged drought forced the operator to release water downstream. Consequently, this action precipitated a drastic decline in water levels, triggering the widespread demise of fish.

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