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Phu Ninh Lake – a Green Pearl

By Ngoc Tran

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Phu Ninh Lake, also known as the “green pearl”, is the ideal place for those seeking an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of city life.

Travel past a road of freshly harvested straw and several steep slopes to reach the Phu Ninh Lake near Tam Ky, surrounded by a mountain on one side, and an eye-catching green forest with acacia leaves and tall trees that one can spend hours watching, on the other.

The high mountains in the far distance that seem to touch the blue sky and the white clouds drifting along the mountainside create a unique backdrop for the lake, which appears at the bottom of the slope.

A peaceful getaway

Surrounded by mountains and forests, this unique lake offers a gentle beauty, with its surface rippled with the passing breeze. Its blue waters are like a giant mirror reflecting the mountain, the forest and the clouds.

There are about 30 islets in the lake, which were once small mountains or hills, now partly covered by water. On some islets and around the lake, locals have planted trees, including eucalyptus and Caribbean pines, mostly to hold back the water.

With a capacity of 344 million cubic meters, the lake ranks among the top reservoirs in the whole country and supplies water to 23,000 hectares of cultivated land.

Its large forest is home to thousands of animal species, many of which are rare and highly precious. Amphibians and reptiles there have been recorded in the Red Book of the World. Here, 80 types of birds have been documented, and visitors can hear their singing echoing through the open space.

For people tired of the sultry atmosphere of the city, Phu Ninh Lake is the ideal place for an uplifting weekend. This location, clean air, beautiful landscapes of the mountain and forest are great for those seeking a quiet and serene getaway.

In the middle of nature

Visitors can also engage in interesting activities there, such as boat sailing across the lake, visiting small islands, a hot spring, and small cottages across the lake. One can admire the natural scenery, feel the fresh air and forget the troubles of everyday life.

The Phu Ninh Lake tourist area, nestled in the heart of unspoiled nature with a vast lake and shady trees, renowned as the “Green Pearl” in the middle of Central Vietnam, also offers rooms in wooden cabins in the heart of nature. Guests can choose from three types of rooms—those with a view of the green garden, a view of the river, and family rooms, ideal for relaxing.

Surrounded by trees and the lake is a spacious restaurant that can welcome more than 200 people. It is a fantastic place to enjoy feasts, birthdays, dinners that serve tasty dishes such as chicken, grilled black pork, gudgeon, etc.

Located in the Nui Thanh and Phu Ninh districts, Quang Nam province (Central Vietnam), Phu Ninh Lake is ideal for a change of scenery and to return to nature.

About 7 km west of the Tam Ky city center, about 15 km from Chu Lai airport and 70 km from Da Nang city, Phu Ninh lake was established in 1986, after the construction of the Phu Ninh dam, 350 m long and 35 m high, was completed. It is one of the largest lake reservoirs in Vietnam.

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